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    Adobe testing a new price point for the Creative Cloud Photography Plan

    I’ll make this clearer. I use my computers internal hard disk for programs only. All important files are kept on external disks and away from the internet as much as possible. No one is hacking my external disks.
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    Adobe testing a new price point for the Creative Cloud Photography Plan

    Well, I like to disconnect from the internet when editing and don’t need to be online. I have backup disks that go nowhere near the internet. The likelihood of a local disk being hacked is much less likely than a permanent cloud service. If a server goes down you lose access to your files, if a...
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    Adobe testing a new price point for the Creative Cloud Photography Plan

    But no one is forced to upgrade if they can live without the newer features. They keep their copy of the software for no additional money. Subscribers will be continually paying or will lose the software completely. But you get to pay for upgrades as and when it suits you. Professionals don’t...
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    Patent: Lots of small, light and fast EF prime lenses

    The DSLR pro end is still healthy because the mirrorless technology at the pro end isn’t good enough yet and the smaller, lighter argument is irrelevant anyway. There are plenty of small, lighter mirrorless cameras at the consumer level that are fast making consumer crop DSLR’s a less attractive...
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    Patent: Lots of small, light and fast EF prime lenses

    I would have thought most Canon crop users are either non-professional who would own the kit lens and maybe one or two others (or perhaps upgrade the kit lens for a better EF-S zoom) and the other being more professional, like a 7DII user who would opt for L glass. It doesn’t seem likely an EF-S...
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    The rest of 2019 for Canon will be about updating dated product lines [CR2]

    Nice to look up the rumours from time to time but you’d think people would be happy with the perfectly adequate camera equipment they already own.
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    Canon’s new instant cameras have leaked ahead of launch

    Let's hope they sort out that leaking problem before they're due for sale.
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    The future of the Canon EOS-1D X series [CR1]

    Canon's Pro EOS R body (when it arrives) will most likely be a 5D IV equivalent upgrade. Due to the specific needs of professional photographers, the 1D series will surely be the last DSLR to get a mirrorless equivalent. I imagine the 6D series, followed at some point by the 5D series will be...
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    Samyang to announce a 14mm f/2.8 RF and 85mm f/1.4 RF soon

    That makes no sense. You may as well just use their EF lenses with an adapter in that case. The main point I was making is that reverse engineering will never be as good as native autofocus. Also no guarantee of future camera compatibility.
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    The new PL mount CN-E prime lenses that are coming soon are more than just a mount conversion

    Useful info but it seems most people who frequent this site aren’t wannabe cinematographers but gear whores looking for stills camera/lens info for their next purchase and to complain about Canon’s disappointing 4K ;-).
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    Samyang to announce a 14mm f/2.8 RF and 85mm f/1.4 RF soon

    Any third party lenses for Canon will have reverse engineered autofocus. I doubt Samyang has worked out the R mount autofocus yet and reverse engineering will never beat native autofocus for reliability. Also, don’t expect Zeiss to produce R mount autofocus lenses. Sony share their autofocus...
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    Samyang to launch 8 new lenses by Q2 of 2019

    Can’t say I’m looking forward to inferior reverse engineered third party autofocus lenses. This is one area Sony have the advantage as they share their autofoucus technology with other lens companies. This could very well be a huge advantage for Sony in the long run.
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    FroKnowsPhoto: Hands-on with the Canon EOS RP

    Wow, someone being positive about new camera equipment. Certainly makes a refreshing change ;-). We certainly are spoilt for choice but too often people just complain. I think some people get lost in all the specs and then convince themselves any new camera they buy must come with a load of pro...
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    Canon to announce at least 6 new RF lenses next week

    Just seems odd that Canon are producing pro grade L RF lenses but their next R body will be a prosumer body. It’s not like there are any decent f1.8/f2.8 primes to use with the prosumer body. Canon need to release the pro R body if they want to do these lenses justice.
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    Canon confirms 8K capable EOS R camera in development

    All this talk of 8K (and 4K). What will be filmed on these cameras? YouTube vlogs? Low budget short films? The next potential Oscar winning epic? I never see discussions about 4K/8K that talks about what these cameras will be filming, just people obsessing over the technology. I’ve yet to see...
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    Lexar announces the world’s first 1TB SD card

    You'd definitely need a dual card camera in that case as a backup. I still can't see anyone filling up a 1TB, even in a day - unless they're shooting constantly in burst mode. The prospect of sorting through 1TB of photo files does seem very daunting though. Looks like it's going to cost...
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    As many as 7 new RF lenses coming in 2019 [CR2]

    You'd hope if an 'entry-level' (probably still very expensive) EOS R is coming this year that some reasonably priced, smaller f1.8 primes would also be coming. Who knows. It's a bit odd there's no news on a pro level EOS R considering the lenses mentioned (and those already available) are of top...
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    The predicted first half of 2019 Canon product announcement roadmap

    Exactly. 4K is seriously expensive to set up (memory cards, storage, powerful enough PC) and unless people are creating serious content (for example, anything broadcast quality for terrestrial TV, Netflix etc.) it’s totally wasted on vloggers with their YouTube accounts. Even if we all had 4K...
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    The predicted first half of 2019 Canon product announcement roadmap

    Are people really talking about 8K video in stills cameras? 4K isn’t even really an essential yet for consumers, least of all vloggers (although lots of people are demanding it). I imagine the first 8K camera would have people moaning it’s only crop and no 60p 18bit ;-).
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    Patent: Canon RF 14-21mm f/1.4L, yes…. f/1.4

    Yet another huge lens that’s going to be very expensive. Is it really necessary to have f1.4 in an ultra wide angle zoom lens? Also, when are Canon going to start giving EOS R customers decent, native (and affordable) non-L prime lenses?