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    Canon officially announces the RF 24-240mm f/4-6.3 IS STM

    The kit in the link is already posted at $1999. There is a $200 instant credit with Adorama in the link. What are you waiting for?
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    The next EOS R system camera gets a mention again [CR1]

    I will gladly take the bump in resolution. I will require an increase in DR for me to move. I would welcome a bump in FPS but don't expect it. Combine this with the super fast UWA zoom that has been rumored and this will make an epic landscape/astrophotography rig. Still hoping this sensor...
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    Here’s a vague Canon roadmap for 2019 [CR1]

    I have as well (on vacation and shooting quite a bit). I am not a professional but leverage good equipment (bodies and lenses) for all of the shots I do take and get (as well as print for myself, friends and family). I shoot landscape and wildlife and the body I use most is the 5DSR. I have...
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    Here’s a vague Canon roadmap for 2019 [CR1]

    My guess will be 5DSR replacement first (high MP sensor, new card technology to increase write speeds/FPS and hopefully higher DR). Goes nicely with lots of the lenses that have been announced and will sell well to studio/landscape photographers and a bunch of people that already bought the R...
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    Patent: Canon RF 100-400mm f/3.5-5.6L IS and more

    I would love to see the pro-body (5DSR replacement) come out at 75mp. If it did, I would sell my current 5DSR and replace by 600mm with the much lighter 500mm (I already have the extenders). That would allow for BIF cropping on the higher MP at about the same rate as the current 50mp 5DSR and...
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    Canon EOS R body with more than 75mp on the horizon [CR2]

    Interested in this and certainly the new RF lenses. I will need to see some improvement in DR and higher ISO performance for it to really be a winner in my mind. Could also make a great wildlife camera if the FPS are anything about 4 or 5 FPS.
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    Patent: Canon RF 14-21mm f/1.4L, yes…. f/1.4

    This would be a beast of a lens but would also be a lot of fun for astrophotography and landscape (don't need the wide aperture). I can only imagine how much this will weigh, cost and what the filter system will be for it.
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    Is the Canon EOS 5DS series to be replaced by a mirrorless camera? [CR1]

    I not only wouldn't be surprised by this development, but would be quite happy as well. I am hoping for the 5DSR replacement to include no AA filter (per comments above), a small bump in MP, a big improvement in DR and high ISO performance a much better focusing system and a small bump in FPS...
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    Flagship EOS R camera coming in February ahead of CP+? [CR1]

    Then the EOS R is the camera for you. Just wait until the next generate when they add the second card slot and you are good. For some of us the lack of additional MP is the reason we have not pulled the trigger on the EOS R. I don't care about the two card slots, but do care about DR, MP...
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    Come play with the Canon EOS R RAW files

    Helpful information. Thanks for the analysis. Good to see that this was not a step backward but disappointing that there was no improvement. I guess that was to be expected based on the release of the Mark IV and leverage of that sensor in other recent bodies. That still is a significant...
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    Aurora Aperture announces development of filters for the Canon EF-to-RF adapters

    I too am looking forward to these filters. I probably won't be buying the R series body until they come out with the higher MP variant but this would solve all sorts of problems with my EF lens setup. Those include my 11-24 and Sigma 14 1.8. I have a filter set up for these lenses but it is...
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    Here are the first images and specifications of the Canon EOS R and the new RF mount lenses

    There are plenty of users (me included) who wIll take all the usable MP we can get. It is the A7riii and D850 and 5ds market with plenty of wildlife and landscape photographers making their bread and butter with them. We print large and post in high resolution and the extra MP help with...
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    Nikon has advantage of being #2

    What won't make me happy is if Canon release their mirrorless option and it is just the 5DS (or SR) dumbed down into a smaller body with all the sacrifices Nikon made to fit the form factor (fewer FPS, one card slot, etc.). I like the 5DSR but it needs better DR, better focusing system and more...
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    Sony Releases 0.5-type OLED Microdisplay with Top-of-Class UXGA Resolution

    If autofocus matters to you in any meaningful way, this is a myth. The try-try-try-hunt-miss-hunt-try-try-try that happens in everyday shooting is so mind-bogglingly annoying (because I miss great, easy shots) that I would rather go back to my T2i than to use adapted L lenses. That would be...
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    Sony Releases 0.5-type OLED Microdisplay with Top-of-Class UXGA Resolution

    If I could cherry pick all the best features of all the Canon bodies into one then I would agree with your argument. Problem is, Sony is combining more of these features into more of their bodies at the same time. EVF, focusing (coverage and eye auto), DR, noise handling, speed, video, etc...
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    Sony Releases 0.5-type OLED Microdisplay with Top-of-Class UXGA Resolution

    I don't doubt your sincerity, but I do wonder, when I read posts like this, what exactly the problem is. I wonder what "innovation" people feel they are missing out on and how they think that will make a major difference in their photography. It may be an unfair criticism, but I can't shake...
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    Sony Releases 0.5-type OLED Microdisplay with Top-of-Class UXGA Resolution

    Based on this engadget article it appears this display is intended to be used for the latest Sony high end mirrorless release and is speculated to show up later this year. Given how far and fast EVFs are progressing and the advantages over mirrored cameras and viewfinders this could be a real...
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    Sigma Announces Brand New 14-24mm F2.8 Art Lens

    As someone who owns both the 11-24 and the 16-35 I would comment horses for courses. As mainly a landscape shooter the 11-24 is invaluable and I can't think of a time I have needed faster than f4 for that range. If I need fast and wide I go with the Sigma 14 f 1.8 prime (astrophotography). If...
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    New Phantom v2640 Ultrahigh-Speed Camera Achieves Unmatched 4-Mpx Resolution

    Hmmm... This or the new Lamborghini Huracan? Help me decide. ;)
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    Birdsasart migrates to Nikon

    I have followed Art's blog for years and you are correct, he has been a Canon lover for a long time. Many would accuse him of being a Canon fanboy. I doubt this move is borne of sponsorship switch, but a real observation in the field that one system has distanced itself from another system...