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    Dorothea Lange Pencils

    If you use pencils, this may be interesting... Box of 12 Palomino Blackwing 344 Pencils, "Volumes" Limited Edition Limited Edition inspired by American Photographer and Photo Journalist Dorothea Lange" The Blackwing 344 celebrates the 80th anniversary of the historic photo "Migrant Mother"...

    Science of Sensors

    . While this talks about video sensors, it's the best science explanation I've seen of how camera sensors detect, record and transform light into image files...

    Review 2015 "Dumping Canon & Nikon"

    . Jordan & Chris at The Camera Store talking about the kind of year this has been. They see mirrorless making gains in that: "This is the first time that I've seen people in droves dumping Canon and Nikon, like LOYAL people..."

    New Contest??

    . So, where's this new contest we keep hearing about? Let's get it underway so I can have my new lens for Christmas.

    70-200 @ refurb for $1427

    . Don't know how long it will last, but I just got a EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Refurbished from Canon refurb store for $1427. Free shipping too. It has been out of stock since the sale started yesterday, but I've been refreshing the page every hour or so and it just came in stock...

    M3 Review from the Camera Store

    . The camera store reviews the M3...

    The Latest (Gimmick??)

    . A 16-lens, post-processing dependent android brick -- next year...

    Flash Synch Speeds

    . This video may be the best explanation I've seen on this subject. From Matt Granger...

    M3 and EF-M 11-22 Available at B & H

    . B&H now showing the EF-M 11-22 lens, no projected availability though. M3... Story page...

    Philosophy & Photography

    . Probably more than most folks want to wade through, but... "In this newly commissioned essay, Daniel Rubinstein answers one of photography’s most complicated questions. In our contemporary image-world of computers and algorithms, what are the key philosophical questions proposed by the medium...

    Kodak, Leica, etc. Never Existed

    . Clifton Cameras has a strange view of history...

    Stolen Items & Serial Numbers

    . Lensprotogo has issued a list of items stolen and serial numbers. Might want to check this if you're buying used...

    BOL Stolen Equip...

    . Report says half-million dollars in Canon, Nikon & Sony stuff stolen from LensProToGo in Mass. Serial numbers said to be forthcoming.

    Funeral Photography?

    . Curious if anyone is doing business in funeral photography. Dustin Abbott has told me there are pros being hired for funerals. I talked with a funeral director today, and he said they aren't being done in this area -- just a regional difference he said. That sounds like opportunity to me.

    P & S Sighting

    . I was shooting a street event today when I saw a man pull a point & shoot camera from his pocket and start taking pictures. Surprised, I asked why he was using that instead of a cell phone. His response... "The card in my cell phone is full."

    Rokinon 14mm?

    . I just tried a Rokinon 14mm on the M. Shutter won't fire. Set to Manual and live view looks right, but nothing from shutter button. Am I missing something or won't it work?

    New DJI Flying Camera Intro

    . DJI introduces today a new Phantom. Here's Jeff Cable flying it around the Golden Gate...

    Filters & Filter Cleaning -- How To

    . Interesting video about cleaning filters, along with some disparaging comments about one high-end filter maker. This guy is heavily opinionated and might even be described as rude, crude at times. And if you're offended by vulgar language, don't bother...

    Power of Education

    . Just exchanged a few emails with my brother. We're both weather nerds and were talking about the current snowstorm. He sent me a picture taken with his iphone, nicely composed of a snowy scene. He's not into photography. I sent a message complimenting him on the picture, especially the...

    Nikon Trumps Super Zooms with Mega Zoom

    . The 83X zoom Nikon Coolpix P900 goes 24mm to 2000mm...