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    The first supertelephoto for the RF mount to be an RF 500mm f/4L IS [CR1]

    A RF 500mm DO L IS would be a good choice to have in lighter lens package - EOS R, RP and RP Pro cameras.
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    Patent: Dual internal teleconverter telephoto lens.

    Good innovation Canon and despite any Sony Home bouys tell themselves Canon nor Nikon are finished in the photography business
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    The 2020 RF lens roadmap, up to 8 new lenses coming in 2020

    Excellent work being done by No #1 Canon to maintain on #1 and to create an excellent ML system along with EF and also APS ML EOS M
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    Canon celebrates 25th straight year of Technical Image Press Association awards

    Excellent wins by No 1 Canon and although on this award 'Best full frame camera advanced: Canon EOS RP' some may say that it isn't warranted if you compare it against some more advanced spec cameras like the Sony A7 MK 3 and Nikon Z's you need to take account of the strong and stronger EOS RF...
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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III field testing has begun [CR2]

    We may see both a Pro Canon EOS R and a Canon EF 1D MK 3, with Canon's aggressive schedule of lenses we probably see the fast short focal primes 1.2 - 1.4, f2.8 and f4's up to 200mm and possibly a RF 100-400 f3.5 - f5.6. Anything above that will still be an excellent EF prime lens used...
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    Thoughts on the Canon EOS R roadmap

    Excellent one Canon (if rumors are true) of releasing an APS EOS R mount camera probably sitting between 80D - 7D MK 2 area and some good EF / EOS R glass to use on it - abeit 1.6x crop At least Canon's got a good APS ML and FF ML system that will get better and better. As a Nikon user hope...
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    5 axis IBIS coming to next Canon EOS R series camera [CR2]

    Agree - however those RF lenses / releases out of the door by Canon were the best of the releases I've ever seen in a ML announcement be it from Canon rivals as well Sony and Nikon.
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    Review: Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

    For the system yes EOS R and those other EOS R certainly look like that they rock although these lenses are only supportable on EOS R bodies, therefore people who own couple of Canon DSLR's still like 5D MK 4, !D X will probably still invest in the EF brand for the time being and use these on...
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    Teardown: checks out what’s inside the Canon EOS R

    Possibly another model but tailored towards video - full 4K 60 fps, the Eos R looks excellent and those EOS R lenses look excellent.
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    New diffractive optics super telephoto lenses on the way, with a new twist….. [CR1]

    They may do 2 versions of the lenses one for EF and one for EOS R mount, it all depends upon the uptake by punters buying into the EOS R system vs sales in current EOS EF
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    At least two new EOS M cameras coming in 2019 [CR2]

    With the EOS R announcement - the users can still buy into the Canon or Fuji system for Aps but buying the bare minimum EF-M glass and some EF glass. Once they want to upgrade can still use the EF-M bodies for APS / Crop work, e.g., telephoto and then buy an EOS R for FF assignments / work...
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    Is there an EOS R series camera with an APS-C sensor coming? [CR1]

    Makes sense EOS-M for the low - mid end eventually replacing Rebel Line and EOS-R for mid bodies (80d & 7d) upwards, possibly same thing may happen in the Nikon side either a mirrorless F mount for the lower ends or a new compact mount
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    Canon officially announces the Canon EOS R system

    There is a 1.7x crop in 4k also I would wait for reviews of released cameras in the open before comparing the Canon vs sony vs Nikon, plus the lenses that are missing from Sony and Nikon can be developed + then released..
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    Updated EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II on the Horizon? [CR1]

    Excellent news by Canon followed by their excellent announcements of 70-200 f2.8 / f4
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    Two New Lenses Coming From Canon Next Week [CR3]

    The 70-200 F4 Mk 2 L IS is a winner in my book and hopefully get some bargains on the mk 1 to add to my setup. Canon's 24-70 F4 L IS is a superb lens and excellent edition.
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    The Canon EOS M50 Will Shoot 4K [CR3]

    Have to say that Canon is doing a good job in the APS mirrorless sector and the M50 should be a good camera addition to Canon's excellent Aps ML series. For a newbie a good system would be a EF-M camera like M100, along with a EF adapter and owning / mounting some of the excellent Canon F4...
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    The EOS 6D Will Not be Replaced by a Mirrorless Camera

    Re: The EOS 6D Mark II Will Not be a Mirrorless Camera Looking forward to some excellent models from Canon and also by Nikon. Interested in C & N approach to mirrorless going forward, although I'm happy with my DSLR's. Hope that C&N could keep the same sort of body size, Mount...
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    Patent: Canon EF 24-300mm f/3.5-5.6

    Interesting would Canon do 2 versions one without L glass (like the Nikon equivalent which yields some good results) and one withall the bells and whistles and quality on par with the Canon 100-400 MK 2
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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Availability in 2016 [CR2]

    2016 is looking like a good year for announcements from the big 2; D5, 1DX Mk 2 and hopefully we see a D810 replacement and a 5D MK 4.