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  1. TAW

    High School Soccer Video

    I am very new to video and am hoping for some direction… My son plays varsity high school soccer and I would need to get some footage over the next few years for his college recruiting video. The video does not have to be great quality but what I found is I am much happier with 4k video which...
  2. TAW

    1DX II - 4k Video - Stills

    After only taking pictures for years, I have started to take a little video. I know I can take stills in camera from 4k video but can I do the same "out of" camera (e.g. Premiere Pro...)? Have a GREAT day! tom
  3. TAW

    Soccer / Futball / Football - Just for fun!

    I've set my camera down for the last six months or so but decided it was time to dust it off... I think my passion is back!
  4. TAW

    CPS Repair

    I am a Platinum CPS member and I have always had great experiences with CPS and felt it has been worth the money. I most recent experience is making me question that and I am curious if this is an anomaly or standard for CPS? A few weeks ago, I dropped my 1DX MII with a 100-400 II on a curb...
  5. TAW

    FoCal Target on Tripod

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to mount a FoCal target on a light stand or tripod? Historically I mounted the target on a painting canvas and hung it on wall. Unfortunately that is no longer an option. Have a GREAT day! tom
  6. TAW

    Stereoscopic Images / Video

    I am venturing into completely new ground trying to take some images / video for playback in the Oculus Rift. The images / video will all include a burning fireplace (as that is our business). I have a 1DX II and another one I can borrow from a friend. Unfortunately we don't have any...
  7. TAW

    Gear Help - Alaska - Bristol Bay Lodge

    Bristol Bay Lodge - near Dillingham, Alaska I am hoping for some advice – I am taking my 12-year-old for a fishing trip in Alaska. I have never gone on a trip like this before. Also attending will be my business partner and his 14-year-old son...
  8. TAW

    1DX2 and FoCal

    Does anyone know if and/or when FoCal plans to support the 1DX2? I have tried asking FoCal support but have not been able to get a reply. Have a GREAT day! tom
  9. TAW

    Time-Lapse advice

    I need to take a week long time-lapse of one of our warehouses. I have done this a few times before using CamRanger and was pleased with the result but it required a lot of hand holding. I am not worried about getting the camera settings right (e.g. white balance, focus...) or assembling the...
  10. TAW

    Custom ICC Printer Profiles

    I am curious how many of you use custom IIC printer profiles and how effective they are? Also, what product do you use to profile your printer? Does anyone use a third party to generate the profiles? I often use x-rite color passport to profile my camera (1Dx) and I use the ColorMunki to...
  11. TAW

    GoPro on Canon Lens Hood

    Has anyone had any luck mounting a GoPro on a lens hood (or somewhere else on the lens/body)? I mostly shot youth soccer (indoor and outdoor) and it seems like it might be a fun way to get some game footage for the kids. Have a GREAT day! tom
  12. TAW

    Controlling two cameras

    I am going to use two cameras to photograph my son's next soccer game. I am using 2 1dx's (mine and I am borrowing a friends) with a 300mm 2.8 II on a monopod and a 70-200 2.8 II with a Black Rapid strap. It feels very awkward trying to take a picture with the 70-200 because I can't figure out...
  13. TAW

    Canon 600mm f/4L IS II USM Purchase

    My next lens is going to be the Canon 600mm f/4L IS II USM. I am an amateur and my photography is strictly for fun (lots of kids, sporting events, school trips, animals, charitable organizations). I could buy the lens today or buy it next March - I will enjoy it once I get it but I am in no...
  14. TAW

    Help please - Ideas to improve these photos

    I am hoping someone can provide some ideas/direction on how to improve these photos. I took pictures of ~40 kids with company sponsors names against a grassy hill. This is a volunteer project so I know everyone will be happy with whatever I submit but I just can't get the pictures where I am...
  15. TAW

    Canon 200-400 and Adorama

    I was lucky enough to purchase a Canon 200-400 a few weeks ago from Adorama. I have completely fallen in love with this lens. With the purchase was a 2% reward which effectively turns into a credit to use later. Somewhere between a few days and a week after I purchased the lens, Adorama...
  16. TAW

    Help with Home Office Setup for Photo Editing

    Below is a picture of my ~11x11 home office. I am taking the picture from the entrance to the room and the door in the picture is a closet which houses printers, scanners… How would transform this room to be a good setup for picture editing? A little about me: I am a compulsive amateur and...