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  1. Labdoc

    EOS RP silent mode question

    I have an event to go to and need a silent shutter and a travel camera. I've been through the whole range of mirrorless cameras from point and shoot to interchangable lens cameras. I got down to a decision between the Sony RX10 IV and the Panasonic FZ1000 II. Both would do the job but the Sony...
  2. Labdoc

    Monkey selfie

    The monkey took the pic and the camera owner (photographer) was sued for copyright infringement. The case was settled but the photographer spent so much on the defense he will end up at a big loss. So watch when monkeys use your camera for a selfie. "Under the deal, the photographer whose...
  3. Labdoc

    New 5DSR Vs. refurbished.

    I am in the market for a 5DSR. Canon has refurbished for around $2800. I sent an email asking about if they had a shutter count policy concerning refurbished bodies and was told I could not get a shutter count on those products and they have no published policy on at what count do they do a...
  4. Labdoc

    Popular Photography Mag shuttered

    Most folks on this site won't miss the demise of popular photography magazine. First published in 1937 it was an inspiration to many of us film photographers in the early days. Like many things it has gone by the wayside in this modern digital world...
  5. Labdoc

    Old kit with a surprise.

    One of my techs brought this nice old Vivitar kit in for a look. There were some wings loose in there and I think it is a moth.
  6. Labdoc

    How do I get this shot?

    I was out early this morning just messing around and there is almost a full moon. I tried to get a test shot at ISO 32000, f2.8 1/60 and no matter what I changed (ISO, metering, zoom, composition, f stop, etc.) the exposure is not good. Moon always blown out, I guess it's like trying to...
  7. Labdoc

    New Sony E-mount A9 coming

    72 mp, e-mount.
  8. Labdoc

    Astrophotography gear question

    I have been messing with night photography lately and I'm at the point where I need a tracking mount to get better pictures. I don't know much about the equipment needed and I'm hoping someone can help me out. I know there are very expensive mounts available and you get what you pay for but as a...
  9. Labdoc

    AF with 1.4x tele MK III and 100-400 L MK II

    Added a 1.4x tele-extender to my 100-400 L MK II and the autofocus won't work at all when looking through the viewfinder. Camera (70D) reports manual focus, no matter how I set the buttons on the lens. Switch to live view or movie mode and AF works fine. I borrowed a Kenko 1.4X PRO 300...
  10. Labdoc

    Best place for lens repair/cleaning

    I might be crazy but I have always felt that my 24-70 2.8 L mark II doesn't focus as sharply as I would like. There is also some dust in the lens and I managed to damage some of the lens coating at the periphery of the lens but have been told it shouldn't affect image quality. I'd like to know...