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  1. TAW

    High School Soccer Video

    Thank you for the good ideas… I agree – I love taking pictures of soccer (especially my kiddo). It is one of the reasons I am trying to figure this out so I can continue shooting pics while the video records (e.g. I am hoping not to have to “follow” my son). I am planning a 5 minute...
  2. TAW

    High School Soccer Video

    I am very new to video and am hoping for some direction… My son plays varsity high school soccer and I would need to get some footage over the next few years for his college recruiting video. The video does not have to be great quality but what I found is I am much happier with 4k video which...
  3. TAW

    1DX II - 4k Video - Stills

    That was very informative and helpful. Thank you!
  4. TAW

    1DX II - 4k Video - Stills

    That is such as good point. I'm shooting soccer for my sons college recruitment video. I have been taking the 4k video at 1/125 and stopped down significantly. My photos are generally 1/1000 or faster @ 2.8. So instead of sharp photos with a shallow DOF, I'll get blurry photos and virtually...
  5. TAW

    1DX II - 4k Video - Stills

    Thank you! Worked perfect!
  6. TAW

    1DX II - 4k Video - Stills

    After only taking pictures for years, I have started to take a little video. I know I can take stills in camera from 4k video but can I do the same "out of" camera (e.g. Premiere Pro...)? Have a GREAT day! tom
  7. TAW

    Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS III one of two “Big White Lenses” coming ahead of Photokina [CR3]

    I would love to see a 400 with a built in extender (don't expect to but can hope). My real hope is the next version of the extenders could remain independent of the lens (like they are today) but have an engage / disengage feature similar to the 200-400. I am not sure if that is optically...
  8. TAW

    At Least Two Big White Lenses Coming Ahead of Photokina [CR3]

    I'm hoping for a 400 2.8 with an integrated extender...
  9. TAW

    Soccer / Futball / Football - Just for fun!

    Thanks Click. It was a lot of fun taking them!
  10. TAW

    Soccer / Futball / Football - Just for fun!

    I've set my camera down for the last six months or so but decided it was time to dust it off... I think my passion is back!
  11. TAW

    The Canon Rumors Buyer's Guide Launches

    Very nice and useful! Thank you!
  12. TAW

    CPS Repair

    Thanks for the advice. Below is the update... I called back tonight and talked to Jerry. He was very helpful. He asked me when I needed my camera and I told him next Wednesday. He was able to communicate with a person in the service center named Kathleen via instant messenger and they think...
  13. TAW

    CPS Repair

    I am a Platinum CPS member and I have always had great experiences with CPS and felt it has been worth the money. I most recent experience is making me question that and I am curious if this is an anomaly or standard for CPS? A few weeks ago, I dropped my 1DX MII with a 100-400 II on a curb...
  14. TAW

    The best advice

    The best advice I received was... Once you start getting paid for jobs, it is easy for photography to stop becoming a hobby and start becoming a job. Once it becomes a job, you have to start justifying what you are spending! Thanks Don for all your enjoyable posts and pictures over the years...
  15. TAW

    Patent: Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS With Built-in 1.4x and 1.7x Extender

    Thank you Canon! I love the 200-400 and hope you continue to integrate the extender(s) into future lenses. If you produce these lenses, they will find their way into my kit. It would be nice if the extenders on these lenses could be activated via buttons on the camera / electronically instead...
  16. TAW

    Lenses that you want Canon to release next

    I love to see an update to the 28-300... A 24-200 would also be welcomed with open arms... The ideas of starting to incorporate an extender into the long lenses (like on the 200-400) is also very appealing. If Canon could incorporate both a 1.4x and 2.x integrated in the same lens (two...
  17. TAW

    FoCal Target on Tripod

    Thank you. A few should arrive early next week. I still use the Electrix lights you recommended a few years ago for lighting the target. Keeping the economy spinning! tom