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    Adobe software: you don't own it Beware Adobe lawyers.
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    Sony A7 III Full Frame #1 seller in Japan :)
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    Someone take apart remote switch?

    Anyone disassemble RS-60E3 or RS-80N3?
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    Annapurna circuit. Anyone?

    Anyone do Annapurna circuit? What camera you have? DSLR? MILC?
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    Japan: Sony trend up, Canon/Nikon trend down. Mirrorless pass DSLR. EOS R + Nikon Z make change later?
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    Canon 50mm/f0.75 XI story

    Other website have story on lens.
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    Battery door open = flat battery!!

    New 5D Mark IV. Charge battery, put in camera at night. Morning, get camera, battery flat. What wrong? Battery door not closed! Don't understand. Battery door open make flat battery? Why camera use battery if battery door open? Happen you too? All camera or only 5D Mark IV? Me dumb or Canon dumb?
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    Canon make CR3 firmware older camera?

    Small files. More on flash. More on disk. Better everything.
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    Zonar Photo Studio

    Anyone try this program? Good? Bad?
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    What real Canon ISO?

    Recent review talk about it ISO problem for 6D Mark II. Images from DxO show it. Not PRNG scores. Measurement. What this mean? If math say shot need 1/100, ISO 100, f/5.6, 6D Mark II need 1/60 exposure correct. Only long time camera series not issue is 7D. If someone have 6D and 6D Mark II...
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    GH5: Codec update and HLG Too many feature, don't understand all. Panasonic GH5 now have HLG raw for UHD. What HLG? HLG more like eye, less like...
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    Sony E - most expensive and heaviest f/2.8 setup Top end Sony Sony have problem, no 50/1.4 to compete. Low end, Canon cheapest. Interesting shopping advice video in channel.
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    sRAW/mRAW... do you use it?

    People complain "120MP, file too big!" or "50MP, file too big! slow in LR!"
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    Formula 1 with 104 year old camera ... when you've got 20 photos, not 20fps.
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    Petapixel: 6D vs 6DII, high ISO Maybe this bias because earlier story? Possible exposure wrong because histogram shape but that mean both photo wrong so why 6DII look worse? Confused cameras? Other review agree? Adobe need better camera...
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    Off Brand: video - Kumamoto earthquake hit Sony Lucky nobody at work!
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    What backpack people recommend?

    With DSLR and 3 lenses, I need backpack for 3-6 hour walk. Want food and water in too. Anyone recommendation?
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    Why is 4K important?

    Everyone says 4K "not important." TV only 1080p. No need for 4K. Too much data. Too hard to process. And nobody makes video, everyone just make photos. For every birthday party for my children, I video the whole "happy birthday" song and cake thing. I do it with my phone and my phone does 4K...