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  1. keithcooper

    Canon patent shows new tilt mechanism and working process

    A new patent shows a lens design with powered tilt and focus (along with sensors to feed back position info. Delve further and there are flowcharts showing how the tilted plane of focus can be matched to a subject surface. Interesting info since I know from my teaching work that positioning...
  2. keithcooper

    Canon TS-E lenses at 187MP on the Panasonic S1R [Review]

    I've just finished a lengthy review of the Panasonic S1R, especially looking at using it with Canon lenses. My TS-E17 and 24 work really well particularly in the 187MP multi-shot mode I've attached a 250MP shot (shift/stitched) at a...
  3. keithcooper

    Interview with Venus Optic's Laowa lens designer

    At the recent UK photography show I had a chat with the people from Venus Optics about their Laowa lenses - and followed up with their chief lens designer. I've tested all EF mount Laowa lenses over the last few years and have written up a short interview with some of their comments at...
  4. keithcooper

    Nikon mirrorless with FF curved sensor?

    Interesting new Japanese patent (2017-125904) from Nikon has a curved full frame sensor to go with a 35mm f2 lens
  5. keithcooper

    Samyang XP 14mm f2.4 review

    I've had the new Samyang XP 14mm f2.4 here for a while and written up a review. A vey nice lens to use if you don't mind manual focus - a few aspects of its performance even bested my EF11-24 F4L
  6. keithcooper

    Looking at Reikan FoCal V2 for AF adjustment (on 5Ds)

    After quite a few years of not always bothering and using screen patterns and graph paper, I had a chance to test out Reikan's FoCal AF microadjustment software V2 Works very effectively and the pro version has plenty of stuff for the lens testing addicts ;-) Some observations...
  7. keithcooper

    'smart' TS-E adapter patent?

    A new Canon patent for a TS-E adapter looks to potentially include powered movements and feedback of settings to the camera. Whilst shown as an adapter for a mirrorless camera, the mechanism could work in a new TS-E lens. Details at...
  8. keithcooper

    Epson announce 17" SC-P5000 - SP4900 replacement

    At last, the long awaited replacement for the SP4900 Hoping to get one for review before too long. Sounds a lot like the excellent P7000 I looked at last Spring
  9. keithcooper

    design your own 120MP camera?

    looks like Canon are going to OEM supply sensors, including the APS-H 120MP
  10. keithcooper

    PRO-1000 firmware ups page length (not a lot)

    New firmware (V1.1) takes the max custom page length to 25.5" "Feature: (1.1): ROM: The maximum printable height of custom paper size will be lengthened to 25.5-inch...
  11. keithcooper

    OK, so what difference does 50MP make when it comes to print?

    I've recently moved from a Canon 1Ds3 to a 5Ds as my main camera, I've been looking at how that 51MP affects my print workflow Having made steps from 11MP to 21MP to 51MP over the years, I thought a simple print test would show the massive improvements since my 2002 vintage Canon 1Ds...
  12. keithcooper

    EF-S 10-18 review

    As one of the products of the 'year of lenses', I thought a review of the new EF-S 10-18mm might be of interest? A very nice lens to use on my 100D, with well controlled CA and distortion (easily fixable once some profiles...