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  1. scottkinfw

    Photo spots in or near Flagstaff, AZ

    I will be in Flagstaff July 27 & 28 with free time. Does anyone have tips for good spots to shoot? I would be interested in landscapes, wildlife, and interesting Route 66 sites. Thank you in advance. Scott
  2. scottkinfw

    Antarctic Photo Tours- Recommendations/Experiences Please?

    I'm considering an Antarctic trip to photograph mainly penguins and other animals. The denser the population of animals the better. The more time on the ground and off a ship the better. Does anyone have experiences and recommendations good/bad to share regarding travel companies and best...
  3. scottkinfw

    Photography Websites For Selling and Storing Pics

    Hi all. This has been discussed before, but I'm still not sure. My subscription to Smugmug is about to expire and I haven't been that happy with it. It is clunky and a bit hard to manage. I would like a site to display my pics and perhaps, even to sell a few. I am looking for a site that is...
  4. scottkinfw

    Photo Web sites Which are bes/easiest/secure/high traffic?

    Hi All. I am interested in finding out opinions on services to host photos. I currently use Smugmug but find it clunky. Any suggestions for easy to use sites with above attributes? I would love to be able to sell some pics too if any are good enough. Thanks. Scott
  5. scottkinfw

    Luminar VS. Photoshop

    I keep getting ads from Luminar people, with a $69 sale price. A friend of min loves the product, but he is just a newby, so I take his word with a grain of salt. Anyone switch to Luminar from the subscription services of Adobe? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Anyone with any comments...
  6. scottkinfw

    Lee Filters and Filter Holder Protection

    Hi all, and thank you for reading. I am exploring photography using filters. Does anyone have experience with bags that would be able to safely transport, organize, and protect the expensive filter systems, while allowing for easy and efficient access in the field? I usually take a roller bag...
  7. scottkinfw

    Advice for Yosemite visit. Is it too late for this May?

    Thanks for viewing and any advice. Can anyone give me advice for a trip to Yosemite? I was thinking of going end of May, and would like advice on lodging in or very close to the park. Also would love advice on spots for wildlife and/or landscape photography tips. Thanks. Scott
  8. scottkinfw

    Pentax new full-frame camera. Interesting.
  9. scottkinfw

    Monolight Lighting Recommendations please!

    Hi all and Happy Holidays to my CR Friends. I received a B&H gift card, and would like to apply it towards a mono light. I am new to Monolights and don't even know what features are most important. Here is information to help with recommendations: Gear to use it with 5DII, 5DIIIm 1DXII...
  10. scottkinfw

    Anyone experience problems with Reikan Focal?

    I purchased the latest pro version and ran my 1DXII with several lenses. My camera locked up and I had to reset to factory defaults (real PIA). The focus was off for all lenses as well. I took my gear on a landscape photography trip thereafter and I had to use live view to focus with my...
  11. scottkinfw

    Help Me Cut Through the Hype

    I currently use LR and a little Photoshop CC yearly plan. I"m seeing a lot about Macphun/Skylum and now Luminar 2018. I realize that the companies are coming out with the latest greatest product upgrades and a few of my friends are defecting. The question is what do my CR friends use? Which...
  12. scottkinfw

    Landscapde filters and systems

    Hi all. I'm going to Zion, Antelope Canyon (second time), and Monument Valley after Thanksgiving (2017). I now have a Cokin system with a few ND Grads but I am interested in opinions from people who use other systems. I would like to upgrade/round out the filters, but not waste my money on...
  13. scottkinfw

    Suggestions/recommendations for Gradient filters Please

    Hi CR experts. I am planning a trip to Arizona and Utah to see Zion, (revisit) Antelope Canyon, and Arches National Park. I would greatly appreciate any tips on ND filters and also gradient warming or other filters that would be helpful. Also, if anyone has any tips of things to see I would...
  14. scottkinfw

    Are there any companies that print from Canon Raw files

    I saw a similar post but it didn't answer my question, and so I am hoping to find out a specific answer. I am not a pro and do my own editing. Currently I use Bay Roes and like them a lot for aluminum prints with high gloss finish. I would like to take advantage of RAW during printing if...
  15. scottkinfw

    Monitor recommendations(again)

    I'm thinking of getting a new monitor. I would be using a MBP 13 touch with LR CC. So monitor wise, 4K? 5K? Best manufacturer/value? Of course I will calibrate. Thoughts everyone? Regrets with your monitors? Many thanks sek
  16. scottkinfw

    Another "Which PP Software is Best" Thread.

    Hi all, and thank you in advance for your input. I use Adobe CC, mainly Lightroom. I would love to use Photoshop and be a ace with both, but the learning curve is steep, and maybe I am getting too old for the aggravation. So I just saw another add for Macphun Luminar, for another "$69.0"...
  17. scottkinfw

    Travel Insurance for gear- Suggestions for which is best?

    Hi all. I'm getting ready to head off to South Africa for a photo safari years in the planning. I have gear covered under homeowners insurance, but I'm wondering if travel insurance is needed, and if so, suggestions please. Anyone with experience making claims? Thank you all for input. Scott
  18. scottkinfw

    AFMA for 1DX II Tips Anyone?

    I need to calibrate my lenses to my 1DX !! but Reikan Focal doesn't support it yet. I have Lens Align but not the Focus Tune software to automate it. What are people using? Is the Focus Tune software worth purchasing and how is it to use? All help is appreciated. Thanks. sek
  19. scottkinfw

    1DX II How Do you AFMA?

    I use Reikan Focal to calibrate my lenses, but Focal does not support it. I need to calibrate the lenses and can't wait for Focal software update. Any suggestions? Thanks. sek
  20. scottkinfw

    1DXII` What Toys, er, accessories did you buy for yours?

    My 1DXII shipped today from B&H, and hopefully will be here before weekend. That naturally got me to thinking about accessories. What did you buy for yours, what works, what doesn't, What can you not live without and why? Anyone buy the B&H 5 year warranty? Let's hear from you and let's...