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    Canon EOS RP to cost $1599? [CR1]

    I am buying one. :)
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    Canon confirms 8K capable EOS R camera in development

    Great news! Canon is on the right track.
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    Canon EOS 6D Listed as Discontinued at Amazon UK

    The Nikon D610 is dropping the price because is a cheap consumer camera. I returned my D600 due to dust and oil on the sensor and the D610 is just Nikon doing damage control. I bought a 6D and never looked back. I very happy with my Canon and the IQ of the 6D.
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    5diii to 7dii?

    You have the best camera already. Another vote for 5DIII.
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    Canon 6D Review: 1+ Year Hands-On [video review]

    Thanks for sharing. The pictures are awesome and the review is excellent. I also have a 6D for a year now and the IQ of the pictures are still amazing me.
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    New Canon 5D Mark III

    Congratulations on your new camera. The 5D Mark III is the best DSRL today.
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    Crazy... go Nikon?

    It seems that Nikon fanboys are now switching to Canon Rumors. I bought a D600 and I had to return it due to dust/oil on the sensor. I am not sure why you keep singing the praise of Nikon when the company has so many quality control issues. Just go to Nikon Rumors website and see how many...
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    Congratulations. It is an amazing lens.
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    Review - EOS 6D By Gizmodo

    The article is clearly biased. This is the Gizmodo review of the D600 video: "The video quality is sharp in broad daylight, but the quality falls apart in low light. Moire and rolling shutter distortions are evident. Inexplicably, you can't change the aperture of the lens in Live View mode."...
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    Shooting With the EOS 6D Part 2: Costa Rica

    +1 The 6D doesn’t feel cheap. Below is a link to a picture of the 6D body. It has Magnesium alloy body and the top cover is Polycarbonate. The top cover is not metal because of the WiFi/GPS communications.
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    Are you really serious about 6D?

    I am not sure what do you mean by "BETTER brand". I hope you are not saying Nikon because I had to return my D600 due to dust/oil on the sensor. I bought a 6D and it is amazing. I am not sure what is your point.
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    Are you really serious about 6D?

    I couldn't agree more with you. I also bought a 6D and it is amazing. The IQ is very impressive. This is a link to a picture of the 6D body. It was built solid.
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    An EOS 3D Mention [CR1]

    I liked the new format. It looks cool.
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    Bought 5D III

    Congratulations, it is a great camera. :)
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    Shooting With the EOS 6D in Costa Rica

    I am using the 6D to shoot catalog images for websites and the results are amazing. I was surprised by the IQ and the pro built body of the 6D. It is definitely a winner.
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    Problem: slow AF 6D

    I bought the D600 but it had the problem of oil/dust on the sensor which made it a very frustrating experience. I returned the D600 and I bought the 6D (which I love). My perception of the D600 is that, besides having a great SONY sensor, the half-plastic body makes it look a bit toyish. The...