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    Original boxes - to keep or not to keep? That is the question.

    I wanted to get some views on the forum about whether there is much benefit in keeping original packaging - mainly with a view to influencing resale value. For lenses, these are unlikely to get sold, as they have a much longer period from purchase to replacement, but that is generally less...
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    Photos of film's demise

    While film doesn't really occupy front of mind for many of us any more, this is an interesting view into the last days of the film industry...
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    Experiences with Discount Digital Photographics

    I was looking at getting some CF cards from Discount Digital Photographics, and was wondering if anyone had had any recent experiences with them. Their prices on CF cards seem quite good - at least by Australian standards. (
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    600EX-RT and third party gels

    After reading through the manual of the 600EX-RT, it appears that the flash only is able to transmit colour temperature information if the gels supplied with the unit are used. - The procedure described by the manual indicates that manual white balance setting would have to used with other gels...
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    Scratches on front element of G11 - caused by lens cover?

    A while ago I noticed some scratches on the front element of my G11's lens, which seem to be getting progressively worse. It would appear that the lens cover/shutter blades which close when the camera is switched off may be causing this. I have seen a number of discussions on Flickr and other...
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    Still enjoying the G11

    I went out after work to look at the Webb Bridge in Melbourne after sunset, with a view to coming back later with a DSLR. Unfortunately, lacking a really wide angle, you can't really get interesting shots inside the bridge with the G11. I'll need to make another visit with the 5DII and the...
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    Canon AU stops issuing RRPs

    I missed this when it first came out: Canon trying to deflect attention away from their high AUD pricing.....
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    Has Canon hidden its mirrorless technology in plain sight?

    There has been some interesting commentary about the 650D, and some of the technology in it:
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    Nikon D4 Specs Revealed? 1D X Has Competition.

    Over at there is now a rumoured spec list for the DX: The list generally seems to look plausible (copy and paste from Nikonrumors post linked above): 16.2 MP 11 fps...
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    Sigma 120mm-300mm f/2.8

    News that's a couple of days old already: What is interesting is that this is the first time I am aware of Sigma launching a lens with some sort of "splash-proof design" (sic). I would be interested to see if they update lenses like...