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    Just curious, an f/stop question

    All other things being equal (build quality, low dispersion elements, etc.) are there any significant differences between fast (f/1.8-2.8) and slow (f/5.6 and slower) lenses when shooting with a f/11 or smaller aperture?
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    Weird lens behavior

    I have a friend who has a 60D with a kit lens (18-135, I think) and she is having an odd problem. We both take photos of high school sports. In the last few days, her camera has exhibited an odd behavior. Through the viewfinder, the image jerks in random directions two or three times before...
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    Better tutorials, are there any?

    Just added a 6D to my 7D (both M ii's) and followed some recommendations to look for tutorials on YouTube to figure out some of the different features on my new camera. Nearly every one assumed that this was my first camera ever. So are there videos out there that assume I know that Tv affects...
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    JPEG Question

    Upgraded from the 7D to the 7DMkII last year and I noticed that on the large fine setting, the 18MP 7D creates JPEG files in the range of 6-8 MB averaging in the high sevens while the 20MP Mark II JPEG files are 4-7 MB averaging in the low sixes. Does anyone know how Canon tweaked its algorithm...
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    Most difficult high school sport to photograph

    My own opinion for tiny North Dakota schools that have pitiful gym lighting: #1 is volleyball. Even 500 exposure can't freeze action of the ball most of the time and ISO 3200 is barely fast enough. Basketball and football are easy by comparison. What's your toughest small town sports challenge?
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    Seeking advice

    Hi, I just upgraded from the 7D to 7D II, and I am looking at the lenses I want to upgrade next. My most challenging subjects are sports. I use the shorty 40 and nifty 50 for basketball, f/2 100 for volleyball and love my Tamronosaurus Rex 150-600 for football (all small school high school). At...
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    Silly Photokina Rumors

    ;D From some of the other threads, it seems like the stress of waiting for significant announcements from our favorite (or not) camera company has made some of us a little testy. So as I public service I am starting a thread for rumors that are OBVIOUSLY AND REALLY TRULY TRUE CUZ I HEARED IT...
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    Striped Gopher

    Used my Tamron 150-600 on my 7D to get a nice close up of this little shy guy.
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    Things to do with your Tamron 150-600

    Take a picture of a bee fly at three meters Bee flies are actually a group of flies that mimics bees and wasps so predators who don't like to be stung avoid them. They are fuzzy and sort of roly-poly leading one entomologist to quip, "If a bug can be adorable, this is it."
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    Replacing my 18-270

    Just a quick question for the group mega-mind. My Tamron 18-270 (older version) bit the dust (literally, I work in the North Dakota oil patch and until they paved some key roads this summer it was like a dust storm every day). I use my 7D for newspaper work so IQ isn't the #1 priority compared...
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    Just because I like this photo

    Besides how often does one get to post a photo of a Polynesian fire dancer performing in a North Dakota Arikara earth lodge? Canon 7d, Tamron 18-270, 1 second exposure, f16, ISO 1600, Speedlite 430 EX
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    Interesting contest from Tamron

    They want to make you work for this freebie.
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    Long zooms

    I am considering purchasing a long zoom lens for football and rodeo photos and birding. Does anyone have links to reviews comparing the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS USM, Tamron AF 200-500mm f/5.0-6.3 Di LD SP FEC (IF) and Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 AF APO DG OS HSM? Any personal opinions (like...
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    Goodbye Cruel Canon

    Well, congratulations. You’ve convinced me. After reading these forums all of the erudite and eloquent comments have convinced me to totally toss my vast collection of Canon cameras and lenses and seek a better alternative. With that in mind I have hired the entire graduating class of the...