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    Why You Should Stick with Your Canon DSLR and Forget Sony FF Mirrorless

    Weird, I find it much easier to take one-handed photos while climbing with my A7R II and 28mm f/2.0 than I do with my 5D Mk III and 28mm f/2.8 IS. And I get an extra stop of light gathering ability. Guess it all depends on how you shoot, I've never been an f/2.8 zoom guy.

    World Press Photo of the Year 2015 winner only uses 5DMk.II & 3 primes!

    I had no idea the 5D Mk II had a black and white image sensor! Or maybe he just made it B&W to hide the noise? What is in focus here? The arm? Too bad there wasn't IBIS, could've had a photo without obvious camera shake. It's a great photo of a decisive moment, but let's not act like...

    Post your Panoramics!

    Looking east from the summit of North Suicide Peak in Alaska. Taken with 5D Mk III, 28mm f/2.8 IS, hand-held. 4 or 5 vertical shots.

    Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Appears

    And a star is born! Seriously, I will be first one in line to rent this. (and possibly buy, if the coma really is under control) It's going to be a long, dark winter in Alaska.

    Adobe Releases Lightroom 6.2 & CC 2015.2

    Re: Adobe Releases Lightroom 6.2 & CC 2015.2 Looks like Adobe is very sorry for the horrendously buggy update: But they still knew about the flaws before releasing it to the public... ::)

    Adobe Releases Lightroom 6.2 & CC 2015.2

    Re: Adobe Releases Lightroom 6.2 & CC 2015.2 6.1.1 runs fine in El Capitan, there is a serious flaw with 6.2.

    Adobe Releases Lightroom 6.2 & CC 2015.2

    Re: Adobe Releases Lightroom 6.2 & CC 2015.2 As others have stated, if you are running OSX 10.11 El Capitan: DO NOT UPGRADE! This thing CRASHES NON-STOP! Luckily, I was able to revert to 6.1.1 with Time Machine. Insane that that'd release something this buggy.

    What Do You Want To See in the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV?

    NO BRAINER: NO GIMPED CARD SLOTS! This is, by far, the biggest oversight with the Mk III. Do I want to use both card slots or do I want to shoot fast? Choose one. I don't even care if they dump CF, use a new format, or use SDXC for both, just make both of the card slots equally fast. In...

    Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark II Lab Test

    Guys, guys, guys, you're expecting too much! This camera only costs $16,000! It can only do so much for that bargain-basement price! ::) Just imagine the DR the $3,500 5D Mk IV will pack! :P
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    Sony Announces Addition of Uncompressed 14-Bit RAW Still Image Capture for New A Cameras

    Even if it means literal, actual, "uncompressed" RAW, I don't much care. It's irrelevant for my workflow, I convert all RAW formats into DNG anway. 128GB cards are cheap. I'm more interested to see how shooting rates will be affected.
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    New Tamron Prime Lenses Coming

    Could not have said it better myself! Tripods are for suckers!
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    Announcement: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II

    +1000 I'm with you guys. I want a big aperture AND IS. A big aperture isn't going to stabilize hand-held video. And there are times when I am shooting in very low-light, where a tripod is just impossible (alpine climbing). I currently use the 28mm f/2.8 IS for these tasks...I would love...
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    So sayeth DXO: "The a7R II poops on the 5DS"

    Re: Sony A7R II scores 98, new king of DxO Mark (by a nose) Definitely! This score doesn't even take into account the in-body image stabilization, class-leading 4k video, or solid AF with Canon glass.
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    So sayeth DXO: "The a7R II poops on the 5DS"

    Sony A7R II scores 98, new king of DxO Mark (by a nose) How has this not been posted yet? Forgive and delete if it has: Nikon D810 has slightly more DR, not as good at high ISO.
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    Announcement: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II

    Ah yes, weasel words! When a camera body or lens is shown to be objectively beaten/challenged by a newer model, resort to purchase defending using the following terms: 3D look microcontrast dreamy filmic It's important to offer exactly zero real-life comparison photographs to demonstrate...
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    Good lens for hiking

    Everyone has a different style, but my go-to hiking/backpacking/mountaineering/climbing lens is: 28mm f/2.8 IS Why? Small, sharp, very hand-hold-able with that big-ish aperture and 4-stop IS. I also do a lot of video stuff and the IS is so good that people frequently ask what type of...
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    Milky Way

    Great work everyone! Good to see I'm not the only 14mm Rokinon addict! That lens changed my whole nightscape game!
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    POLL: Who will be first with 8K...

    Red is already there: As far as a *consumer* camera...I think these poll results are bang-on, either Sony or Panasonic.
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    Review - Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art

    I agree! I also find the bokeh on the Sigma much less busy/distracting and more pleasing than on the 50L, I was beginning to think it was just me:
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    Sony's New a7RII Camera Delivers World's First Back-Illuminated FF Sensor

    Still holding out for the A7S II over here. Hoping for: Non-compressed RAW Tweaked IBIS: I've heard the current system isn't all that great for video use, and not anywhere near as smooth as the IBIS in Olympus bodies. I'd also rather have uber-ISO over high-megapixel for the type of stuff I...