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  1. TommyLee

    Samyang 10mm f3.5 - WHEN is it ...due?

    Samyang 10mm f3.5 - WHEN is it ...due? anyone know when this lens is finally released? (comes in Canon first) thanks Tom
  2. TommyLee

    first shots from my sigma 105mm f1.4

    these are shots from my 105mm f1.4 sigma art lens today... i only had it for an hour.. so the first thing i wanted know ....... was the bokeh compared to my 85mm f1.2 L mk ii which i already sold.. i tried to see how the background.. looked how the quality worked I like to try to have a...
  3. TommyLee

    direct link to ADOBE 6.13 perpetual lic

    Here is a direct link to the downloadable installer for the 6.13 update: but be careful...I think.. they installed - without my permission ... a trial (extended the trial period...for their own reasons) that's...
  4. TommyLee

    sig 24-70 lens tip

    samples for sigmas 24-70 are up... ..meaning a review is soon coming.. ... I Like what I see there... will look closer coma, distortion, chromatics, sharpness... and such.. will be interesting... to me
  5. TommyLee

    Audubon Eagle release

    EDIT: I originally was going to post this to... birds in flight.. made some error... and whoops.. it asked for a subject... didnt realize I started a new post.... a little rusty at this... I meant it to go with the big pile.... /////////////// refurbished ... by Audubon - Portland Oregon ...
  6. TommyLee

    1dx2 video file - odd behavior

    I recorded 2 each.....30 min sessions in a club... \ [ edit....hd ...not 4k ] on 1dx2 cfast 64 gig.... the two files showed 6.6 gig and 6.3 gig... used cfast reader to copy files to hard drive of laptop windows 8.1 read/played the two files on laptop far so good... now when I tried to...
  7. TommyLee

    lightroom non-expiring version

    I thought I saw mention of a lightroom version that you the $119..version .... and it does not expire.... no more updates ...but does not expire.... just for the gear that existed when i bought it... somehow I thought it was mentioned in this forum.. and Adobe does not mention it...
  8. TommyLee

    no autofocus 1dx2

    no autofocus 1dx2... no lenses will autofocus.. set normally for main button focus and exposure.. ... but tried the focus-back focus button.. nothing... is there a setting that turns off autofocus.. that I missed? feel silly here.. I have used it for a month...not one issue except the Sandisk...
  9. TommyLee

    Tamron 15-30 - not working in live view/video with 1dx2

    1dx2 - no t working in live view/video with Tamron 15-30 I sent mine in...they are looking into it... I expect it back about june 1st... .... the lens works fine on my 5d3.... and does fine on 1dx2 in SLR mode...but live view drops out if you try the tamron 15-30 on the 1dx2.... .... has...
  10. TommyLee

    1dx2 autofocus guide

    is there an update to.. 1dx2 autofocus guide AF_guide_EOS-1DX_eng.pdf anyone seen it? thanks for any info Tom
  11. TommyLee

    1dx2 may 2 - charging 10am

    nice camera... I missed the 1 series...back now shown with the 35L II which also rocks! need a walkabout in lovely Portland weather tom
  12. TommyLee

    model rlease for a traveler - for possible future use in a book

    Hello to you experienced shooters I am retired and planning to travel a bit... mostly America .. but worldwide a little too. I want to know what essential 'model release forms' and other considerations I need to work with. I plan to travel lite... no checked bag.... just some select gear and...
  13. TommyLee

    ac power/battery adapter - for 1 series cameras

    when I sold my 1D mk III yrs ago...I forgot to include the ac adapter...I never used it.... and the guy didn't ask for it... so ...later I thought if I get a 1D mk Iv I can use it there... because 1D III was the las model it was included with... so it was an option for 1D Iv... also .. for 1Dx...
  14. TommyLee

    85L mk II rubber coating breakdown

    the rubberized coating on my 3 yr old 85L mk II seemes to be breaking down... feels a bit gummy/sticky ... ... can it be restored...or better yet would canon consider this a defective material issue and ..can it be re-applied by them...? if they can replace/repair is it expensive ...if they...
  15. TommyLee

    100-400 II - first shots

    just picked up 100-400 II no micro adjust... sun was fading fast...and a windstorm developing... walked out to Burnside PortlandOregon a few shots... before I had to be somewhere else... also tried the tamron sp pro 1.4x tc... noticed a slightly slower focus speed... overall the lens is...
  16. TommyLee

    sigma 120-300 new and old

    what is the difference between this lens $2500 and this lens $3500 Lenstip liked the new one.... it seems that one could confuse...
  17. TommyLee

    Canon CN-E 14mm T3.1 L F Cinema Prime Lens (EF Mount)

    Canon CN-E 14mm T3.1 L F Cinema Prime Lens (EF Mount) is this - inside/the elements - the same as the14L II? is it autofocus?.... /////////// sorry that I dont fully understand the video lens series.... and features thanks for helping me here TOM
  18. TommyLee

    LR 4/5 output - jpg is warmer(more reds) than LR edit screen - why

    I have dell 3011 monitor ...fairly accurate...but uncalibrated to print etc with canon 5d3 shots in RAW edited in LR 4/5(beta) ... LR process: 2012 profile : standard always have used the sRGB popular setting ...not the widder Adobe RGB for some reason LATELY my jpg result is warmer ....more...
  19. TommyLee

    24-70 II tested at SLR gear

    I looked at SLR gear site....where they tested the 24-70 II ... I collected the graphs and compared with .... the 24L, 35L 50L ...and for lack of something better ...the 70mm position of the 70-200 II. looking at chromatics...