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    Post your Panoramics!

    I'm no pano master, but I occasionally dabble in some stitching. This is a crop from a 13-shot (vertical) stitch of Denali and the Alaska range. All shots were at 200mm, f/11. I stitched them with auto-pano giga. Great place to shoot, stupid easy. Just pull into the parking lot and walk 5...

    What has become of the long-rumored Canon 50mm IS?

    I am extremely tempted to just pull the trigger on the new Sigma, but, I'm finding myself doing more and more hand-held video where external stabilization is just not practical. (see, here: I have the 28mm f/2.8 IS and it's probably my favorite lens right now. I...

    Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM

    This lens gets no love but that’s ok, because I’m IN LOVE with it. Here are two shots from a climbing trip to Canada last week.

    5D Mk III RAW video: rock climbing in Idaho

    Here's a short I edited together from a Memorial Day weekend spent rock-climbing in Idaho at the City of Rocks National Preserve. I only have one 64GB 1000X card so I had to use some of the crummy stock Canon video (see if you can spot it!) for some of the shots...

    Quick and Dirty comparison: Magic Lantern RAW video vs Canon ALL-I 1080p

    I made this yesterday with some boring video I shot on my walk to breakfast. I don't really do video much so please be gentle: Private Video on Vimeo password is: "canonsucks"* You can download the original file if you really want to pixel-peep! I hope to shoot some more interesting...

    5D Mk III, why can't we record video and stills to separate memory cards?

    I know I’m in the minority, but I find the dual memory slots to usually be more hassle than they are worth. The ONE THING that would make them useful to me, is the ability to segregate stills and video to different cards. It seems like a simple firmware update could do this? Even the old...

    2 years of NW Mountaineering in a couple minutes

    A couple months ago I finally got around to editing a bunch of mountaineering footage together into something interesting. I gave a talk on photography and mountaineering and this is what I closed the talk with. I hope you like! Was shot with all Canon gear:

    Landscape photography with an 85mm

    One of my pet peeves is when someone new to photography will ask someone not-so-new to photography: "what's the best landscape lens" and the more experienced photographer will start to recommend all sorts of ultra-wide lenses. ANY LENS can be a landscape lens, from a 15 to a 600! I took this...