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  1. dave61

    An APS-C sensor equipped EOS R camera mentioned again [CR1]

    Do we? I have an EOS-R (replacing a 7D) for occasions/trips where I can take a full size camera and lenses. I also have an M (with lenses, etc) that fits into a pouch less than 4" x 3" x 2"; which is small enough to go in my briefcase on business trips to somewhere worth taking photos of.
  2. dave61

    Kickstarter: Peak Design Unveils The Next Generation of Camera Tripods

    Just backed this, exactly what I need for travelling by air. If it is stable enough I will see my current tripod.
  3. dave61

    Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM coming May 9, 2019

    Hope the 70-200 comes along soon.
  4. dave61

    APS-C Canon EOS R body likely [CR2]

    Not surprised, my M6 on the end of a big white looks cool too, but I didn't mean aesthetically.
  5. dave61

    Canon said to have scrapped at least one DSLR in development [CR2]

    There has to be a limit to the number of cameras Canon can develop at any one time and I expect that new R bodies will get priority until they have fleshed out the range. I expect we will see mid-level and high-end APS-C models (roughly xxxD/xxD and 7D) and probably a FF model above the R.
  6. dave61

    APS-C Canon EOS R body likely [CR2]

    True. Pretty ugly though.
  7. dave61

    APS-C Canon EOS R body likely [CR2]

    I struggle to see that it is not in their interest to tie people into the Canon ecosystem at the earliest possible point. Why risk them going to another brand? It is much too early to say that they are not providing one.
  8. dave61

    APS-C Canon EOS R body likely [CR2]

    I am not asking for it. My point is that without such a thing, which is highly unlikely for the reasons you give, there is no upgrade path from M to R.
  9. dave61

    APS-C Canon EOS R body likely [CR2]

    The benefit is that you spread out the cost. Imagine you only have €500 free cash per year. At my local camera shop you can get a 1200D with EF-S 18-55 lens and an EF-S 55-250 for a total of €478. Next year you upgrade the short-zoom (EF 24-105, €349), the following year the mid-zoom (EF...
  10. dave61

    APS-C Canon EOS R body likely [CR2]

    Of course using FF lens on a crop-sensor camera is an upgrade path. It is exactly what I did, and deliberately so, because it has enabled to spread the cost of getting to good glass on a FF camera over a long period.
  11. dave61

    APS-C Canon EOS R body likely [CR2]

    There doesn't need to be an upgrade path, but it is in Canon's interest to provide one. I should add that there would be a path from M to R if Canon release an RF adapter for the M (like the EF to M adapter).
  12. dave61

    APS-C Canon EOS R body likely [CR2]

    They certainly need cheaper lenses, whether under RF-S brand or not.
  13. dave61

    APS-C Canon EOS R body likely [CR2]

    There is no upgrade path from M to R.
  14. dave61

    APS-C Canon EOS R body likely [CR2]

    To be successful in the mirrorless space Canon needs a range of cameras that provide a path for amateurs to gradually upgrade their equipment from entry level (for me: a 450D and a couple of EF-S lenses nearly 15 years ago) to prosumer (EOS-R and mostly L glass). That means at least one and...
  15. dave61

    Here are the full Canon EOS R specifications

    Very interested in this. Have been thinking about an FF body to replace my 7D.
  16. dave61

    We were wrong, all of your Canon mirrorless dreams are likely coming true soon

    But the mount! What about the mount? I want to replace my 7D with a FF sensor, don't mind mirrorless, but it has compatible with my existing lenses.
  17. dave61

    M6 carrying options / suggestions

    I ended up with the Tenba BYOB 7. It is just about big enough to carry the M6, 15-45mm and 18-150mm lens, plus EVF, spare battery, etc. The whole thing fits inside my business backpack when travelling for work (which I do a lot). The downside is that it is not really suitable as a bag to carry...
  18. dave61

    M-Series Hiking Bagpack

    I have Pacsafe V25 Camsafe backpack. The top section is a normal backpack whilst the lower half is fitted with camera and lens friendly dividers, that are fully removable to make a pure backpack. Includes a laptop sleeve at the back and side access to the camera section. The bottom half is...
  19. dave61

    5D mark v - when & what?

    With the recent acquisition of an EOS M6 as "the camera that travels on business trips to interesting places" the writing is on the wall for my 7D. My plan is to replace it with a full frame body, probably a 5D. That got me wondering: what extra features might a 5D mark V have? When might it...
  20. dave61

    M6 carrying options / suggestions

    I am looking for a camera bag/insert for an EOS M6 with 22mm and 18-150mm lenses, battery & charger, and possibly 11-45mm lens too. One option is Tenba BYOB 7, as I think that will fit in my work backpack for business trips. However, it doesn't seem to have mounts for a shoulder strap, so can't...