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    An RF mount L macro lens will be announced alongside the high-megapixel EOS R camera

    Unique? How about a tilt/shift Macro lens. That would be unique, but perhaps quite useful given the shallow DOF that wider apertures give us. Being able to move the focus plan around a bit would be beneficial.
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    Patent: Multiple small RF prime lens optical formulas

    The 20 would be interesting in f/2. Throw in a 28/2 and a 50/2 or 50/1.4 and you'd have a decent family of moderately-priced wide-normal lenses. Maybe an 85/2 also. I know that they're working on the high-end first, but us regular people need lenses too. Although I have no problem adapting my...
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    Patent: 83mp full-frame image sensor from Canon

    A natural projection of the new 32.5 mpx 90D/M6 II sensor. If that sensor is as good as some are saying, then this will be a really nice body from Canon. They'll certainly have the top-notch glass for it. Now, as for the 1-series, mirrorless or DSLR, I'm thinking that a new 30-32 mpx sensor...
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    Our favourite hands-on preview of the Canon EOS 90D and EOS M6 Mark II

    Jared definitely prefers the mirrorless over the DSLR. And he makes a compelling case for just that. One thing I'd argue with him on - he suggests getting NO EOS-M glass. I disagree. While all the Canon EF glass is compatible with the adapter, there are a couple of nice gems in the M lineup...
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    Canon officially announces the EOS 90D and EOS M6 Mark II

    I have a feeling that 2 bodies are going to be coming down the pike, perhaps after the holidays or in the spring - the real replacement for the M5 and the real replacement for the 7D2. And what will those bodies bring? Same/similar sensor to these, but with some tweaks, improved AF, higher...
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    Patent: Canon RF 17-70mm f/3.5-5.6

    Yes, an ideal focal length for APS-C, or a nice ultra-wide zoom for FF. Also, with the cropped 4K on the R, it would be a nice lens for video.
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    Poll: Are you going to be preordering the Canon EOS 90D or Canon EOS M6 Mark II?

    Pre-order? No. Might be interested in the M6 II, or an M5 if/when it comes out. Kind of holding out on the next RF mount body.
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    Canon EOS M6 Mark II promotional video appears to have leaked

    Very interesting. Even more interesting than the 90D, mainly because I seem to be favoring the potential of the mirrorless.
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    Canon EOS 90D promotional video appears to have leaked

    Looks like a pretty nice package overall. Interesting...
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    An APS-C sensor equipped EOS R camera mentioned again [CR1]

    Size matters - look at the size of lenses for the M mount compared to the RF mount. What advantage, other than the price of the body, would an APS-C RF camera offer?
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    An RF super telephoto zoom on the way, likely in late 2020 [CR1]

    200-500 f/5.6 IS and a 1.4X teleconverter would make a very good birding kit. Especially with a pretty fast sporty body.
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    A new EOS Rebel is coming this month, possibly an EOS Rebel T8i or entry level EOS M camera[CR1]

    I think it's a pretty safe bet that there is always a new rebel coming. Sometimes, just a dressed-up version of the previous model with a couple of new features, and sometimes, an entirely new model. But there's always a new rebel right around the corner.
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    Here is an updated list of unreleased Canon gear from certification agencies

    I might as well throw my WAG out there. M5-II M6-II Minor revision to M-100 Lenses - Smaller kit lens Super-zoom, say 18-200 or something like that Maybe an f/4 zoom, 16-55 or something of that nature. Ok, those last 2 put the W in WAG.
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    Canon Releases DPP 4.10.40 & Picture Style Editor 1.22.40

    DPP is just a couple of features short of keeping me from needing other software like Lightroom to process photos. I'd gladly pay a little extra for those features in DPP as opposed to renting from Adobe.
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    Rumored Canon EOS M6 Mark II specifications [CR1]

    They will if Sony is eating their lunch!
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    Industry News: Sony Introduces the High-resolution A7R IV with World’s First 61.0 MP Back-illuminated, Full-frame Image Sensor

    Well, they know that Canon's about to put out a high-mpx mirrorless body, and they wanted to get the jump on the competition.
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    Here are SIGMA’s three new full-frame mirrorless camera lenses

    I wonder if they are built from-the-ground-up for the short flange distance, or are just redesigned mounts for existing full-frame lenses. The 12-24 f/2.8 comes to mind.
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    Pricing for the new PowerShot G series cameras and new RF 24-240mm f/4-6.3 IS have leaked

    Let's see what the IQ is, and what it settles out at, price-wise. Early adopters always pay a little premium.
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    Is SIGMA getting ready to announce their first RF mount lenses? [CR1]

    They probably reverse-engineered the adapter and are using the EF technology with the electrical adaptation built in, but optically, an RF lens.