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  1. bvukich

    Handstrap upgraded...

    Handstrap upgraded to "L" spec! (yes, I'm perfectly aware of how cheesy this is)
  2. bvukich

    MOVED: New LumoPro flash is nearly here!

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    Samsung announces Galaxy Camera This would make a nice P&S for the girlfriend...
  4. bvukich

    Flat lens offers a perfect image It looks basically like a diffractive optical element taken to it's logical, nanoscale, conclusion. Very interesting. Edit... I should probably note this isn't currently suitable for visible light (THz...
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    MOVED: Leica/Canon GLASS

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    Similar, but not copied, image found to breach copyright

    Disturbing case out of the UK:
  7. bvukich

    Time Lapse

    I periodically make time lapse videos of random dumb things just for fun. I'm not about to pay for software to do it for me, when there are free ways to do it, which are easy with a little bit of knowledge. This post will cover just the technical aspect of turning jpegs into video. There are...
  8. bvukich

    Cheap UV filters

    So I was playing with a black light, which to be honest, I do more often than a grown man should; and decided to do a little experiment. Guess which one is a Tiffen UV Protector, and which one is a Hoya PRO1 DMC UV:
  9. bvukich

    Accent color shots

    When done sparingly, I think B&W with an accent color(s) can look great. Sometimes it can even make an utterly boring photo in color (like the second shot below), much more interesting. Here are a couple I've done over the last few years. Please post some of your own.
  10. bvukich

    Yongnuo YN-565, what's the delay?

    Announced in late march, with availability projected two months out (so late may), this flash still hasn't seen the light of day. Anyone else as anxious for this flash as I am?
  11. bvukich

    What's the longest you've ever waited for the perfect photo?

    What's the longest you've ever waited for the perfect photo? And I don't mean wait in a general sense; I mean actively waiting, checking conditions, for the perfect photo at a particular location? For me it's three and a half years and counting. There is a golf course that I drive by twice a...
  12. bvukich

    Canon T3/1100D Announced

    Canon EOS 1100D/T3 Announced London, UK, 7th February 2011 – Canon today unveils the new EOS 1100D – the Digital SLR (DSLR) for consumers who want to take the first step on their journey to outstanding still images and HD video. Featuring many technologies developed for more advanced...
  13. bvukich

    Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

    Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM I wouldn't pay full price for one, but I got it for $200. It was a steal at that price.
  14. bvukich

    Monster Jam 2011

    Went with my kids to Monster Jam for a Cub Scouts outing. I don't exactly have the gear for sports shooting in a nearly dark stadium, so it was pretty much spray and pray. XSi 50/1.4 & 430EXII (that nearly melted) It was dark, smoky, and everything was moving fast. My poor 430EXII was doing...
  15. bvukich

    Perfect first EF-S "L"

    We have an awesome crop camera in the 7D, is it too much to ask for awesome glass to go with it? If Canon were to finally come out with an EF-S "L" lens, what do you wish it would be? Try to make it plausible, and technically possible. Posting something silly like 4-800mm f/0.95 DO IS USM...