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  1. dave61

    5D mark v - when & what?

    With the recent acquisition of an EOS M6 as "the camera that travels on business trips to interesting places" the writing is on the wall for my 7D. My plan is to replace it with a full frame body, probably a 5D. That got me wondering: what extra features might a 5D mark V have? When might it...
  2. dave61

    M6 carrying options / suggestions

    I am looking for a camera bag/insert for an EOS M6 with 22mm and 18-150mm lenses, battery & charger, and possibly 11-45mm lens too. One option is Tenba BYOB 7, as I think that will fit in my work backpack for business trips. However, it doesn't seem to have mounts for a shoulder strap, so can't...