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    Interview: Understanding the Canon EOS R

    What I would like to understand better is how the introduction of the RF mount affects the future of the EF-M mount. My understanding is that electrically EF-M is basically the same as EF. That means EF-M can't enjoy many of the features that RF can. Will Canon still develop the EOS-M series...
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    Lots of New mirrorless and DSLR cameras in the pipeline

    I would also take this view. The EF mount still has a lot of life in it. For big white lenses especially there is not as much benefit in a more compact body. The choice of mirrorless vs DSLR for a sports photographer will come down to AF and frame rate. Body size does not play a role, in fact...
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    So far so good, the Canon EOS R pleasantly surprised Jared

    What I would still like to understand is how Canon is dealing with the fact that the shorter flange distance is resulting in the light hitting the sensor from a more oblique angle. Canon's sensors have traditionally not dealt with this very well. I wonder if Canon has improved the way its...
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    Here is the official Canon EOS R system white paper

    I wonder if this provides more of an indication that EF-M is a dead end? The fact that the electronic interface has been updated significantly is an important note. My understanding is that EF-M uses the same electronic interface as EF, with the same pins. Assuming that is the case, EF-M will...
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    Canon officially announces the Canon EOS R system

    I suspect Canon will continue to build EF lenses for a long time. Especially for the "big white" category, it will make sense to focus on EF and use an adaptor. It primarily makes sense for Canon to initially focus on the smaller lenses which will be the ones that users who value a more...
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    The First PowerShot G7 X Mark III Specification List We've Seen [CR1]

    I have to concur. In February my wife and I each bought one for a trip to SE Asia as we had become fed up with the inconvenience of travelling with DSLRs. After close to 5000 frames shot over 3 weeks, I am very happy. This little camera provides a very good compromise. The 24-100mm equivalent...
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    Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS Development Continues [CR2]

    There is a separate question about what the use cases are where IS is important. The 24-70mm f/2.8L is one of the most important lenses for event and press photographers. Most of them shoot subjects which are moving (at least slowly) which generally requires shutter speeds fast enough to make...
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    Will it be the EOS M1? [CR2]

    The point I was making is that if you use an EF lens, you need to maintain the same focal plane distance. Thus, even though you don't have a mirror, you still have to keep the lens at the same distance from the sensor. Only by changing the optical formula of the lens can you bring it closer to...
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    Will it be the EOS M1? [CR2]

    Aside from this, there are still very real challenges that mirrorless cameras need to overcome. If Canon were to use a native EF mount, the size benefit of a mirrorless assembly would be lost. Therefor, to get the size benefit of a mirrorless body, a new lens mount is needed. That doesn't...
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    Canon High End Mirrorless Camera Talk [CR2]

    There are however a few interesting challenges for mirrorless bodies, some of which may not be possible to address: Beyond a certain focal length - possibly around 200mm - the weight of the body becomes academic as the lenses are so heavy If Canon retains the EF mount for a FF mirrorless...
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    Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Talk [CR1]

    Rightly or wrongly a lot of us are also very invested in the EOS system. The collection off Speedlites, lenses and other accessories that many of us have makes changing brands a major and costly exercise - something not to be taken lightly. The reality is that many of us have got into that...
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    Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Talk [CR1]

    I can only speak for myself, but what I am finding is that my wife and I are purchasing gear (specifically bodies) less frequently - mainly because the ones we have are doing what we require. To put it in a more concrete perspective: my wife seldom, if ever, gets a request for a print more than...
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    Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Talk [CR1]

    This is possibly one of the bigger issues with a shorter flange distance: the illumination of the sensor is from a much more oblique angle. This creates problems in itself with lenses being harder to design while still giving a good image, but also results in significant peripheral illumination...
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    Infographic: Camera Industry Sales Facts for 2016

    I think this is something that a lot of people are missing. The early years of digital photography saw very fast development (and obsolescence) of technology. We had a combination of something new with something that was changing very fast. There is no doubt that phone cameras are having an...
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    Further Confirmation of EOS 77D, EOS Rebel T7i & New Kit Lens for CP+

    It looks like these may still be at a rumour level:
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    Further Confirmation of EOS 77D, EOS Rebel T7i & New Kit Lens for CP+

    It would be useful to mention Rebel T6i = EOS 750D Rebel T6s = EOS 760D Rebel T7i = EOS 770D given that most of the world does not use the Rebel naming.
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    Canon EOS M6 Coming This Month.

    The question I have about the EOS M is when Canon will address the vignetting issues which appear to be worse on the M series, because it appears that Canon's sensors are not good at handling light coming in from such an oblique angle.
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    Canon EOS M6 Coming This Month.

    Correct, tetraphobia is quite common in a number of East Asian cultures - especially China and Japan. The number "4" sounds a lot like the word for "death" in Chinese. The same applies in Japanese.
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    Canon EOS System Celebrates 30th Anniversary

    This discussion reminded me of an article I saw a number of years ago looking at camera production over a period of 60 to 70 years: There does seem to be some credibility in the argument that...
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    Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II to be Announced ahead of CES 2017

    Agree - I am more interested in a compact with a hotshoe. If the G7X II is anything to go by, it will be worth waiting for the G5X II. What is good is that the G7X and G9X will now both be onto mkII - hopefully that means the G5X won't be far behind.