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    Landscape & Cityscape video tutorial with high-end Canon gear In this video Franklin shares some insight on how he approaches to photograph landscapes and cityscapes. In the 1st part of the video he talks about what equipment he uses and why. later on the video, he goes on...
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    Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 AT-X FX

    There are no galleries for this lens so I thought I would start one :) Anglin's Pier Sunrise 05/19/13 by CastilloPhotoDesign, on Flickr
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    New 24-70 L II - something wrong with mine? is this normal?

    Hi! I just bought a new 24-70 last night. At 1st I was very impressed and it seemed very sharp on all apertures. However, this morning i wanted to take a closer look and Pixel peep a little. I was shocked to find that the right edge of the frame was completely blurry from top to bottom. I took a...