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    Canon EF 85mm f1.4L IS vs Canon EF f1.8

    I've seen lots of comparisons from Sigma, Tamron and the Canon f1.2L but nothing noting how the new Canon 1.4 L compares to the 1.8. Obviously the IS and slight f stop difference but what about CA, vingetting and sharpness? Anyone have both lenses?
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    What is a focusing screen??

    I sent in my camera to Canon service center as my 24-70 F2.8 II seemed to have erratic autofocus being soft in some instances. My other L's were perfectly fine. The 24-70 seemed to be ok then not with no particular lighting or situation I could Id. I tried micro adjustments and still didnt...
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    Nisi filter system

    Hello I was hoping to get some insights on the Nisi V Filter system. It has the polarizer built to fit close to the lens and comes with a wide selection of adapter rings. Is the polarizer with the filter warmer like the Lee landscape or more Neutral? I've read it is difficult to put drop...
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    I wanted to ask the group their thoughts on sharpness with Canon 5DIII. I notice it most strongly with my 24-70mm 2.8 II in low light and at 70 mm. Some with other lenses with low light or contrast. I've tried live view focus that helps some. ISOs aren't maxed out generally above 1000-5600...
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    Breakthrough Filters

    Does anyone here use Breakthrough ND or Polarizing filters? Are they stackable? Can you use them with other filter systems like Formatt Hitech? Thank you, Collin
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    What is everyone's experiences on graduated ND filters?

    I am looking into purchasing some graduated ND filters and it seems like there is quite a variety out there with significant cost differences. I've read about the color changes etc. I wanted to see if there was anyone actually using the various filters that may give their experience. I would...
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    Canon 7D II

    I have a 5D Mark III and wanted to get input on the 7D Mark II as a second body. Besides the focal length and fps, are there any other reasons to consider this as a second body? Are there situations you use one more so than the other? Thank you!
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    Two cameras??

    I currently have a 5D Mark III. I shoot mostly kids activities/sports and landscapes. For those of you who shoot with two bodies, do you see significant advantages to having a crop sensor camera like the 7D Mark II as a second camera? I miss the focal length difference but are there any...
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    5D Mark III sharpness or focus lock

    I notice when I am shooting with my 5D Mark III, that it lacks sharpness at times. I am not sure if it is where it is locking (location of the object front vs back object, but it seems to persist even when I open the f stop to increase the depth of field). When I focus manually I can get a...