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    nikon d800 video recording sensor size is smaller than 5D???

    according to kenrockwell D800 '' Video only uses a central 32.8 x 18.4mm section of the sensor, at most.'' but 5D utilizes 36X20.3mm. why haven't nikon tell this before....?
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    this would make huge difference in quality the new CCD sensor, alternative to CMOS.
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    C 300 is not an alternative to 35mm motion picture film.

    72DB gain in image process is an advancement. but it only shoots 8 bit MPEG-2 422 and 50 Mbps!!!!!???? canon advertise it as a viable alternative to 35mm motion film. Dream it canon. we expect RAW on board with 10bit 444 recording for the price range 16,000$. not silly marketing tricks..
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    what is error 30 in 5d mk2

    i had this error since a day, what is this? and how get rid of it. i tried several times turning on/off and removing battery, but no use. pls help me.. thank u all.
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    new 24mm 1.4L lens REAR glass is moving while i am cleaning!!?

    i just brought a new canon 24mm 1.4L lens. after a day shoot, i was about to clean the front rear glasses. then i noticed the rear glass is moving horizontally. then i checked by shaking it, yes its little unsteady inside. even by others... now i don't know what to do. pls tell me anything u...
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    nikon D4, uncompressed video through HDMI.

    lets see how canon react to it.
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    Why is the c 300 sensor is not Full Frame (24 x 36 mm)?

    ''The EOS C300 conforms to the industry standard Super 35mm Motion Picture Film frame size. Almost all PL Mount motion picture lenses are designed to cover Super 35-size film or digital sensors, and tend to vignette heavily on Full Frame sensors since they are not designed to cover that frame...
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    canon is not for poor film makers anymore! 47,000$??!!!

    CN-E14.5-60mm T2.6 L S (EF mount) lens for 45,000 to 47,000$ each? what did happened to you, canon?, I waited for an year to see better cam than 5d, in an affordable range! but finally what we have is FULL HD cam for estimated 20,000$ price range!! I laugh at myself for being poor.
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    UDMA 6 Vs UDMA 7

    Can we use UDMA 6 extr/pro [90MB] cards in red epic? thank u. sorry its not about canon.
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    intra-frame compression Vs interframe compression? how do they help movie rec.?

    As we have seen the new flag-ship 1D-X, it has these two optional video recording compressions. how do they really improve the image cadency and resolution? i read in articles since last night how do they really help in editing room? thank u for u r valuable time, shiva.
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    Shooting video at 48fps

    Hello everyone, Soon, we r shooting with redMX for a short film which has lengthy dialogues. our major concern is with a new idea of shooting in 48fps.. few questions raise on the way, are 1)how to sync audio(speaking slowly or fix it in post)...
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    Camera clip system

    Here is the very interesting design to clip or carry a camera, greets to the guys out there.
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    Crop marks for 2.39:1[anamorphic] on 5D MK II?

    hello every one..... We r looking forward to shoot a short film with 5d , in the end we decided to try for 2.39:1 aspect ratio !! so how am going to active it with out anamorphic lenses? if not how to crop in post? or mask it on monitor? if yes do i have to mask it horizontally or vertical...
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    Is 50mm normal lens on 5d?

    On 5D, 50mm images are magnifying than normal view( eye view). since 50mm considered as normal lens.....what is this phenomenon? thank u all.
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    135mm f/2L USM, any other option for this range lens for 5d? in zeiss or canon?

    hello, it seems i have only 2 options in 135mm range lens 135mm f/2L USM or 135mm f/2.8 soft focus. is there any better lens than both? (no zooms) zeiss or sigma or canon?
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    Any suggestion before buying Zeiss lens or Canon L* lenses

    hi everyone, First of all i would like to say my ''thank you'' to administrator, for running such a useful website. here, i am buying few lenses in near future combination of zeiss and canon L series. major usage is video. so pls any one share ur experience about these lenses :- Canon...