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    Canon are obsessed with an IS version of the 24-70

    Just had my CPS email: If they want to keep calling it the IS, why not just make one:
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    Did Canon criple the 5D Mark III sensor on purpose?

    Judging by the 1D X samples, the high ISO performance is outstanding and a true 1 stop improvement over the 5D Mark III. Something that strikes me though is 4 Megapixels can't make that much difference. Canon opted to put a nice new focus system in the 5D Mark III, but it seems to avoid people...
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    Where will the next High MP Canon be positioned?

    If rumours are correct, Canon are preparing a high MP camera later this year. The trouble is I have difficulty seeing which market they are going to go for: 1. 1D X price range with high MP 2. 5D Mark III price range. If they opt for the latter, I can't see anyone buying a Mark III any more...
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    Huge flaw found in Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III

    There's a huge flaw found in both Canon and Nikon's latest cameras that could affect your pictures. After some testing it seems both cameras suffer from a low SPD rate (Shots Per Day). Apparently it only seems to affect the SPD rate in the first few months then as the camera gets use to being...
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    What exactly is a stop improvement in ISO?

    OK, so people say the 5D3 has a 1 stop improvement in RAW over the Mark II. However, what exactly is a stop. For example, ISO3200 is double that of ISO1600, so that's a stop. But ISO 800 is double of 400 so that's also a stop. One is 400 difference, one is 1600 difference in a stop, so...
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    5D Mark III, ok cool, but when is it out?

    There seems to be no info on when the 5D Mark III is shipping!! Any info?
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    My justification of buying a 24-70 Mark II or spending silly money

    I'm really thinking about getting the 24-70 II. I'm mainly a hobby photographer, but I do like having the best. The way I see it that buying any expensive lens, if the quality is up to par then the lens will last me 10 years. It won't really depreciate like an SLR body would. Buying older...
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    Was the 1D X an annoucement a rush job?

    Just over 9 weeks to go until it's suppose to be hitting our stores, the 1D X still hasn't demonstrated any high res ISO samples and has yet to fall into previewers hands. I can't help think Canon heard about Nikon's D4 and decided to go in early and announce their camera far earlier than were...
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    Canon 5D X

    I'm confident it'll carry this name but when will it come? The main reason the new 1D has only 18mp is because of the speed of shooting. Will they opt to keep the sensor for lower production costs or go higher mp. Maybe we'll see a full frame 7Dx with fast fps and a high mp 5d x