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    What are the pros and cons of ISO 50 if you shoot in raw?

    I am hearing things from less noise, to less DR in highlights. From it is the same as ISO 100 if you drop down a stop in post. I stayed away from it in shooting but now that I am transitioning to primes and the 28-70 2.0, for outdoor and studio, I have more use for it than ever.
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    How many people think that their 5D Mark IV images are soft?

    I have a 5D3, 5dsr, and a 5D Mark IV. I dont know if I just got used to my 5dsr more or that my 5d mark IV just has soft images. I don't remember images being this soft with my 5d3. I am seeing quite a few people saying this. Now I am one of them after owning the camera for a couple of weeks...
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    Do you use lens correction profiles when processing raw files or not with LR4

    Lightroom 4. I have been using raws all the time now and I finally checked the lens correction button and I noticed my images getting brighter and stretched (undistorted?) I mainly shoot in clubs and some portraits. I honestly didn't noticed the pincushion effect but now that I know about it...
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    Can we all send a complaint to Canon to fix the AF-Assist focusing on the 5D3?

    I went to every major Canon forum and a lot of people are saying that the 5D3 focuses slower with the AF-Assist beam on when using at least a 600ex with the camera in dim or dark situations when this topic is brought up. I do club photography and I find it embarrassing to stand around for...
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    I bought a 24-70mk1 and it is working perfectly fine now but...

    I just read that some of them mess up over time. Is that common for a large percentage of them? Do they have a short lifespan of sharp images due to usage. I will sell it and get a MKII if am expecting to have soft photos one day during a project.
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    I don't know where to post this at but I have to do an all white party.

    What color backdrop should I use? Should I use a mostly white or mostly black backdrop. I am also dealing with black people mainly.
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    How many people out there are actually going to get the 1DX compared to the 5D3

    I am just wondering how many people out there can afford and are willing to spend 6800 on a camera? I am not asking if they are using it for a certain purpose just how man people actually purchase 1 Series bodies. I considered getting one before but the longer I wait the more I think that the...
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    Why is the 24-70 MK1 price so high.

    I am looking at the price on and the price is close to $2000 now. Is there a shortage of these lens or is the demand high even though the MKII is around the corner?