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    Does the R have an APS-C crop mode option?

    Sony has an APS-C crop mode that can be programmed to a function button. Will the R have such a feature? I know the R goes into APS-C crop mode when an EF-S lens is mounted. But can I select the same crop mode when I mount a full-frame EF lens? For example, when mounting an EF 85/1.4 lens on...
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    DxO comparison: Sony 24-70/2.8GM vs. Canon 24-70/2.8LII

    All hail the mighty G Master! All hail the mighty G Master! Oh wait ... on the 36mp A7R the G Master is almost as sharp as the Canon 24-70/2.8 on a 22mp 5DIII? Hmmm. And with the Canon lens on a 50mp 5DSR, it's not even close...