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    Two Canon EOS R series bodies coming in 2019 [CR2]

    This is straight from the Imaging Resource interview with the head of products from Canon: "On the other hand, we recognized that a lot of amateur customers are very interested in stepping up to full-frame through customer feedback. This was a pleasant surprise. We are developing multiple EOS...
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    As many as 7 new RF lenses coming in 2019 [CR2]

    And I'm just sitting here with my EOS M6 :-)
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    M5 and Cold Weather Question

    Seems to be handeling fine on the ice for the camerastoretv guys (now dpreviewtv)
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    Patent: Canon EF-M 10mm f/2.8 Fisheye

    Not the lens I want, but if this means proof of life for the M-system I'll take it!
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    The predicted first half of 2019 Canon product announcement roadmap

    I have to second this. I'm looking for a higher specced M5/M6 replacement (also c-log would be nice since I do a lot of video). I plan on buying the 32mm f/1.4 next month & already have the 22mm f/2.0. A 85mm equivalent with a low f-stop and a quality zoom for some run & gun work and I'm never...
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    Canon to use a Sony image sensor in an upcoming APS-C ILC body? [CR1]

    I don't think the sensor itself has any influence on ibis.
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    Canon to use a Sony image sensor in an upcoming APS-C ILC body? [CR1]

    If this is true it wouldn’t be for any existing line I think. Canon APS-C lenses are 1.6x crop compared to full frame whereas Sony APS-C is 1.5x crop. Surely this means existing lenses would not be optimized for the new sensor size.
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    Two Canon EOS R series bodies coming in 2019 [CR2]

    I'm not buying the EOS R APSC camera stuff. EOS M is the APSC Mount.
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    EOS R firmware

    Nvm, I just found out the M50 has DSLR based firmware again. Looks like Canon is moving away from Powershot for the M series.
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    EOS R firmware

    I'm sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I didn't see a title that indicated this question so here I go. Does anyone know if the EOS R has DSLR or Powershot based firmware like the M series camera? I'm just wondering since I plan on buying the new M5 Mark II when it comes out. Maybe the...
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    At least two new EOS M cameras coming in 2019 [CR2]

    If Canon does a good job on video for these new camera's (I just want a better codec with higher bitrates & sharper image in 1080, don't need 4K), and hopefully IBIS I'll definitely upgrade my M6 that I only bought in in March of this year.