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    EOS R on night drives (Kruger National Park)

    Some feedback if you want to use the R on a night drive on an african safari. The best camera for autofocus at night with just the light of a torch or spotlight. I struggled previously and this time I brought a 70-200 iii 2.8 with. It worked excellent with the R. I then used the 400 DO ii 4.0...
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    Help needed with Sigma 14mm F1.8

    Was very excited to get the Sigma 14mm F1.8 Art for Astro landscapes. I am positive that I will get this aspect going and with the right post processing might even get proficient at it. BUT. daytime landscapes etc. I found this lens very difficult to use. I went to the Richtersveld national park...
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    Sigma 14mm F1.8 Coma test

    Coma at F1.8 and F2.0