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    Dual micro SD to SD card adaptor for redundancy. Anyone have industry contacts for this one?

    I posted this deep in another thread but thought it made some sense to add as a new one.... Micro SD cards are harder to handle but you can get UHS II and 512GB versions so technically no performance hurdle. Would you buy a dual card adaptor for your single slot camera if redundancy is...
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    Are there any other consequences to the removal of the hotshoe universal pin besides 3rd party flash compatibility?

    Looks like Godox has already released a firmware update anyway!
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    Canon competition to D610+14-24 f/2.8

    Not clickbait... hear me out... I have been a decades long user of Canon. Currently 7D/10-22mm, 24-105 f/4, 70-200mm f/2.8II 7D is wearing out and I am getting to its limits (IMHO). So... what to replace it with. Night/astro/landscape is where I mostly use my 10-22mm lens and publish. Looking...
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    What will fill the gap of 7D? 70DS R?

    Hi. list price from Canon US shows $5,999 EOS-1D X $3,899 EOS 5DS R $3,699 EOS 5DS $2,799 EOS 5D Mark III $1,699 EOS 6D $1,799 EOS 7D Mark II => $1,499 EOS 7D $1,199 EOS 70D $899 EOS 60D Is the 7D end of sale now and if not, what would replace it? 70D is newish and so is 7D Mkii but there seems...
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    6D vs 7D mark II

    Hi Guys... in a quandary. I have a 7D with 10-22mm lens, etc. Getting on now after 3 years of reasonably heavy use and generally happy but hitting the limit with noise/wide aperture lens. I do nightscapes, sea/landscapes but also some action shots (not published). Going full frame was the next...