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    KP3000 - an alternative to high end film scanners

    Hi all, I started goofing around with rephotographing negatives a few months ago, and it lead to this: a kickstarter campaign. Even if it's not in your budget, you might be interested in the results I've been getting with my 5DSr and 100L. Have a look at the video, or just read the text...
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    Arca Swiss compatible plate for M5?

    Hi All, Has anyone found an Arca Swiss compatible plate for their M5 that doesn't impact ANY functionality? It seems they mostly impede some movement of the screen. It might be too much to ask for I realize, but I thought I'd see if anyone had found a solution that worked for them. Thanks, -k
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    5Ds screen replacement tips?

    Hi All, I have a student abused 5Ds, in need of a focusing screen replacement. I found a supplier of OEM replacement screens on ebay, but was wondering if anyone had any experience with this particular bit of surgery? As I recall the 5Ds/sr have additional mirror dampening and possibly a more...
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    CR buggy for anyone else?

    for the past 2 days, when i hit a link under forum topics, i get a message saying that the post has been deleted or is off limits to me. when i go back to the main page, the links are all turned off (unclickable.) when i reload the page, the links become active again, but they off limits thing...
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    24-70 L II softest at 35mm?

    hi all, i just got a 24-70 L II and while it doesn't have the clicking while zooming problem, it does seem to be noticeably softer at 35mm than at either end of the zoom range, specifically away from the center. (the center seems fine at all focal lengths.) does anyone else who owns one of...