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    Mercedes vs. Lexus.... huh? A 2 week spin w/ a Mk IV

    Mercedes &BMW are still a profitable automobile manufacturers, but you have to admit the brand managers blew it some 20 years ago by not crushing the upstart Japanese entrants into to the luxo market. And now there is even the Korean entrants.... so much for being content with modest growth...
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    Can we start a rumor.... 600 5.6 L it seems there is a strong market for it

    Something in native glass that is an affordable 600mm Have a tamzooka, borrowed a friends sigmonster. Someone could probably find the number of Tammys and the pair of Sigmas that have sold - I am sure it is a pretty big number. The gap between a 2k sigma zoom at 600, and then the $4000 on...
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    What if Canon made a speed booster adapter for EOS to M mount?

    Would you buy it? Particularly for M5. Pick up a stop in exposure, perhaps they could correct for CA a bit. Would be kind of interesting to have all my Sigma Arts 1 stop faster, etc. on the crop body. Thoughts?
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    5dIII Removing AA filter

    As now we see AA filters being weakened or even "reversed" w/ the 5dSR. Thoughts on eliminating it from a 5dIII?
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    Does the new 5S/R put new life into converted Leica Lenses?

    For my landscape buddies who don't mind doing manual focus, etc. Thoughts? Mike
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    Yikes - stopped by my local camera store....

    Ok, so you can call me a traitor, or least having traitorous thoughts.... I played w/ an Olympus E-M1. I know the sensor is smaller, I know it will be marginally worse than the APC in low light. (that is why I have a FF anyway) and I am looking for this as a 2nd body regardless. But...... the...
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    Where is the M-3 with the dual pixel sensor!!!!

    Come on Canon!!! I am going on a big trip in the fall and want to have compact ILC. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!