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  1. Diko

    45-200mm f/2.8 prototype from 1959 on ebay for $40k

    Hi Craig. I believe this site is the best place for such a lucky finding: while looking around for a 11-24mm I stumbled upon this magnificient 3 kg beast. Canon historyans needed. C-35mount?!? True or a scam? Best would be if anyone in Canon can confirm. The description states: Can’t add...
  2. Diko

    NASA Mission Uses CANON Camera To Map The World's Largest Island

    Just saw it. The video is from 4th of Feb. 2018 Just posting it here just as a curious fact.
  3. Diko

    Canon is losing to SONY again :-( Another set of SONY MF CMOS sensors out now.

    SONY makes another few MF CMOS sensors. Now they even have developed 150 megapixel for use NOW. Not some distant "maybe" future application. Canon had 250 megapixel that it turned it into Dual Pixel tech and industry related usage. SONY on the other hand have a few Medium Format CMOS sensors...
  4. Diko

    Canon Planning to Gain More Market Share - Strategy Conference 2017

    Canon Planning to Gain More Market Share - Strategy Conference 2017 March 6, 2017 These slides are from legitimate url source: Quite interesting to read. "This presentation contains forward-looking statements with respect to future...
  5. Diko

    Canon is the 4th most reputable company in the world

    According to this article Canon is with quite good image world-wide.
  6. Diko

    Canon on 250MP APS-H Sensor Plans (again)

    Vladimir Koifman's blog brought to my attention this brief, but very clear message from CANON where they plan to use their 250MP baby APS-H CMOS sensor. Please note 5 fps of 1/120 part of the sensor's area is needed for FulllHD resolution. As the first comment stated "How can any APS-H...
  7. Diko

    Sony Worldwide Camera Sales Going Down

    According to this article the latest reports Sony camera sales are down from 1.8 to 1.6 Million units. It’s really a big drop resulting approx 9.6% revenue decrease. But the good news is sensors demand is up all time by 40% which is due to high demand of image sensors in smartphone units...
  8. Diko

    iPhone 7 tradein of any iPhone 6(s PLUS) with AT&T and Verizon for exactly $650

    An Fstoppers article just released for Apple's brand new iPhone 7 article. Here are the two most concerning parts. The rest read there for yourselves. NOTE: READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE. The interesting part is that: If it comes from the Fstoppers I guess it's quite legimitate. It's no 1st of...
  9. Diko

    Removing the 5D4's AA filter?

    Hi everyone. Was wondering about it. Having in mind 5DsR I am very inclined to combine the Sigma 50s ART with a sharper 5D4 AA filter-less. What do you think? Any proposal on an alternative answer would be added. Additional opinions and advises would be also highly appreciated. Some...
  10. Diko

    Blindly pre-order 5D4 - Why NOT

    After some time has passed and more rumor details regarding the 5D4 appeared why am I ready to blindly pre-order 5D4? And why I believe some people shouldn't be upset with the rumored specs. I think 5D4 is a decent time for an upgrade, but would you agree with my arguments? Also feel free to...
  11. Diko

    What for is NFC needed in 5D mk4?

    AFAIK NFC is not good for transfer. Could anyone explain will we transfer 30-50Megabytish RAW files through 424 kbit/s bandwith? Or I got it all wrong?
  12. Diko

    Weird Exposure on 5Ds

    Can anyone explain this? The software reviewing the photo is FastStone Image Viewer
  13. Diko

    Caption it

    What would suite? Feel free to caption ;)
  14. Diko

    Lumix G7 with 16k Shutter Speed.

    I think this one is really good. Will ever Canon begin using shutter speed and do you need 16K speed? Lumix G7 AS I just read here. Even Canon 1D could reach these speeds.... Why then having them back?
  15. Diko

    Canon New Cosmos of Photography Contest 2015

    Hi everyone, Those who are keen in participating in photo contests should take a look at this one: Canon New Cosmos of Photography Contest 2015
  16. Diko

    Will DSLRs be gone by 2025 and CIPA shipment volumes for first quarter

    Here are the shipment numbers of DSLRs. CIPA Numbers for First Quarter Having in mind the claim that Full-frame DSLRs will be gone by 2025 What do you think? Will mirrorless be a good match for you to switch from DSLR by then?
  17. Diko

    Could the 5Ds (R) be using the 5 Layer UV, IR, RGB Sensor?

    How many of you believe that the new 5Ds (R) actually using the Canon 5 Layer UV, IR, RGB Sensor patent.
  18. Diko

    Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Specs?

    With a "50% chance to be real" CW proposes the following specs: 24MP sensor – (CW2) Dual Pixel CMOS AF III – (CW4) New and more advanced AF system (compared to EOS 5D3) – (CW4) 4k video – (CW4) Anti-flickr technology (seen first on the 7D Mark II) – (CW4) Improved video features – (CW5) Crop...
  19. Diko

    10 Books That Can Actually Teach You Something About Photography

    I found this good article and wanted to share it.
  20. Diko

    Canon wants to become number 1 in the mirrorless market by end 2017.

    After I read this poll in the Sony Rumors site about Canon becoming again a serious threat for Sony? I saw this article. Mirrorless shares in Japan during the last 12 months. and with more comments from here Having in mind the following I decided to ask the Canon users. What do you...