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  1. cerealito

    Question about LR licensing/updates

    Hi guys. After playing around with the evaluation versions of Capture One Pro and Lightroom CC, I'm leaning towards purchasing a LR6 license (I'm not interested in the renting scheme cause I'm just a casual photographer). I still have some questions before making my decision. Does anyone know...
  2. cerealito

    new 70d, wrong manual, no plastic wrap

    Hello guys, I just received my long awaited 70d. Two "details" tho: 1. they sent me a 4 language pack of manuals: Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak (I live in France). No need to say I do not speak any of those. No French nor English :'( 2. there was no plastic wrap around the canon box...
  3. cerealito

    Gyroscope stabilization from instagram - canon please implement this :D

    The guys from instagram recently released a new app called Hyperlapse for mobile operating systems. Other than the obvious time lapse function, the app also implements a new kind of video stabilization "Cinema stabilization" - that uses data from the gyroscope (which most smart phones have...
  4. cerealito

    7DII full frame?

    There is a rumor on cw about the 7DII being full frame. They base this on previews of upcoming books. What is the probability that this is confirmed???