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  1. fox40phil

    More information on the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III [CR2]

    wtf really?! Can't use it while flipping?! that sounds really annoying and not thought to the end? Or I m missing something?!
  2. fox40phil

    Canon officially announces the RF 85mm f/1.2L USM DS & RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM

    No words about the "Minimum focusing distance" for the 70-200?! But for the 85mm... strange! The Tamron 70-200 G2 has only 0,95m! Hoping for something like that...but I won't afford those lenses O.o.... 3000€ for a 85mm is crazy! I bought a used 300mm 2.8IS for this before 6 years!
  3. fox40phil

    Canon officially announces the development of the EOS-1D X Mark III

    Where are the "illuminated buttons"?! Can't see them at the photos. Maybe they are lighted up around the buttons? I thought maybe they are glowing with transparent buttons^^. Sounds like Canon is putting everything into this last model!? Bluetooth, wifi, lan, GPS, 16-20fps... 10bit video. But...
  4. fox40phil

    Canon to add 24p recording to the Canon EOS 90D, Canon EOS RP & Canon EOS M6 Mark II

    They need around 6+ month for the M6 for this feature :D... :rolleyes:
  5. fox40phil

    Canon is gearing up for a big 2020 [CR2]

    Sounds like a really bad year for mirrorless... no "normal" megapixel camera with pro features incoming.... only some needs 50+ MP! The best for the most is between 24-40MP. Wake me up for a 40-45MP 5D- mirrorless body. With IBIS, with HIGH-MP EVF, s controll stick and double card slot.
  6. fox40phil

    Canon officially announces the EOS M200

    Why is this article linked on the newsletter for the "enter the win"?!
  7. fox40phil

    Canon has released firmware version 1.3.0 for the EOS RP

    Is it working like on Sony cameras? With turned head and sunglasses?! and animals^^?
  8. fox40phil

    Canon EOS R firmware 1.4.0 now available for download

    Update the 5DIV (And other highends like 1DXII) with this too please!! Next step: Animal eye-AF!
  9. fox40phil

    Canon will release the EOS Ra astrophotography camera

    Only with Autotracer features like the Pentax K1! come on Canon!!! Simply remove a filter...yey...this would be highly boring!!
  10. fox40phil

    Patent: Here is Canon’s IBIS unit

    Please with options like the Pentax K1! For astrophotography! <3
  11. fox40phil

    IBIS is coming to select next generation Canon DSLRs [CR2]

    Lets hope it will some sensor shifting options like Pentax with the K1!!! This would be awesome! Also for the next EOS R's! For nice astroshots with 100s+ (Ultrawide lens)!
  12. fox40phil

    Here’s a list of rumoured and predicted cameras coming from Canon in the next year

    why do you think so?! Look at the prices of XQD and the monopol by Sony... it would be logical, but now its better for us (the Sony photographers). SD is far cheaper and Sony has also the fastes (r+w) on the market if someone needs the speed of "300/300mb/s".
  13. fox40phil

    Here’s a list of rumoured and predicted cameras coming from Canon in the next year

    :D... today was the 7rIV released..with 60MP and 10FPS! Dayum! WE can expect this because Sony can do this and have done something like this in the last years...
  14. fox40phil

    Industry News: Sony Introduces the High-resolution A7R IV with World’s First 61.0 MP Back-illuminated, Full-frame Image Sensor

    Sounds awesome!!! But what I really don't understand..why don't lower the res. in the Sony camers in the body! I m often using with my 5DIV only 17MP.. or sometimes less! I have also done this with my 5DII (22 & 10MP)! This is a feature I dont want to miss!
  15. fox40phil

    Patent: IBIS appears in a Canon DSLR for the first time

    PLEASE GIVE IT TO US! or maybe...its 10 years to late for this feature?! Look at the Pentax K1 with its sensor shifting option! For astro you can expose easy 100s without a rotating system!
  16. fox40phil

    Here’s a list of rumoured and predicted cameras coming from Canon in the next year

    I m using my 5DIV more often in liveview then before with my 5DII. The liveview AF is for not flying birds or sports always better then the normal mirrored one. So if there is a n "always" liveview version of an 5DIV equivalent It would be awesome!!! Can't be that hard for Canon to develop one...
  17. fox40phil

    Is SIGMA getting ready to announce their first RF mount lenses? [CR1]

    I m hoping they will release some lightweight lenses! All those ART lenses are really (to)heavy!
  18. fox40phil

    A Canon RF 16-28mm f/2L USM is coming [CR1]

    There is already a 14mm 1.8f from Sigma ;)!
  19. fox40phil

    Canon EOS 90D Specification List [CR1]

    How about just 24-26MP, 12-14FPS, wide AF point-grid, 1080@120fps with a sweet codec. Dual card. Better noise & dynamic range. thats it.... I think Canon can do something like that...