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  1. sleepnever

    How to arrange new SSD and regular HDD

    Hello- I have a new (to me) PC that was built by a friend that has 2x 128GB SSD drives in it. My old computer's drives were 500GB SATA II's, one for my OS/apps/photos and a second for purely photo backup. I'm running Win7. My question is how should I setup my drives? My thoughts were to...
  2. sleepnever

    Weathersealed Camera Gear used in wet conditions

    I recently upgraded to a 5DMK3 from a non-weather sealed T2i, which is especially nice here in the Seattle area as we just entered the rainy season (no, its not always raining here :) ). My questions to those of you who do have weather sealed gear and go out in the drizzle/rain/snow whatever...
  3. sleepnever

    Canon 5D MkII and Pixma Pro 9000 for $1599 after $400 rebate

    Didn't see this posted yet.