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  1. Cory

    DPP vs. LR 6.14 vs. LR $

    Wondering, if you get a chance, your thoughts on DPP vs. LR. For now I have LR 6.14 and two cameras that it supports, but that'll likely change at some point; hopefully not from GAS (so might not be for awhile). So when the inevitable happens does one go with DPP (already downloaded the...
  2. Cory

    Canon 50 1.2 Full Review

    I may have had every mainstream 50mm lens and they were all very very good (all the way "down" to the 1.8 STM). None really made me say "this is it" so the search continued with my opposite-of-GAS minimalist life. All research pointed to the Sigma Art. Not one thing wrong with it...
  3. Cory

    Is Maybe "Mirrorless" Not as Much of a Thing as Everyone's Saying?

    So I got the latest and greatest mirrorless camera, took a spin for a day and went right back to my large DSLR without looking back. Had all of the features anyone could want and more, but was just too small for good handling and I didn't like how it came out of the box for transferring...
  4. Cory

    16-35 and 70-200 a Good Combo to Call it a Day With?

    So I have a 6D, 16-35 4.0 IS and 135 2.0. Almost snagged a 50mm lens, but didn't and have a longer telephoto lens on my wish list. I do paid headshots, family portraits, word-of-mouth whatever and lots of "running" events plus my son's Marching and Jazz Bands. Even my "lighting" skills...
  5. Cory

    Super Simple Off-Camera Set-Up?

    For someone with a 6D/430EX II who wants to just do a really easy single flash off-camera flash on a single channel and doesn't even know what Slave or Group means would the following be a good place to start and maybe even stay for awhile? I already have a nice 32" Rogue silver/white...
  6. Cory

    Anything Wrong with 50 1.8 STM on a 6D?

    I need a 50mm lens for general everything and just don't know what to get. I do like my primes and am very particular, but would the 50 1.8 STM be the one to get until something really jumps out (that maybe isn't yet out)? Almost got the 50 1.2 today, but said "I don't know." It'll be...
  7. Cory

    Original 6D Video Focusing

    Most of my research and initial videos point to manual focus on my 6DI when doing video. So far so good and the quality is exceptional. Tried out a camera over the weekend with the modern focusing systems and it seems to have nailed it. I like my 6D, overall, a lot more so I'm sticking with...
  8. Cory

    400 5.6 + 70-300 vs. 100-400II?

    I'm ramping up my "running" event photography and the perfect lens will be a 400 5.6. I know it's controversial to say, but I find its rendering "better" than any zoom; even though the best zooms are very good and very versatile. With that, I can see how a 70-300 will be very...
  9. Cory

    300 or 400mm for Runners?

    For full-frame would you say that 400mm might be better most of the time for "running" events? Standard or wide-angle for the Start, of course, but it's critical to remain hidden during the race so that runners don't wave at me completely destroying the shot. Thanks and on the verge of...
  10. Cory

    Mic and Lighting?

    If someone were to start doing single-person speaking videos using a 6D what might be the mic to get and what nice and easy light would be good to consider? Also, 40mm pancake lens (or another to recommend)? Thanks.
  11. Cory

    Do I Just Need to Suck it up With the 300 2.8 II?

    I do a lot of "running" events, indoor stage/band and outdoor music events, etc. Trying to figure out which telephoto zoom is the "best", but have extremely high standards having been spoiled by the best primes (with the 135 2.0 my default lens). With that in mind do I really need to just...
  12. Cory

    6D + 80D or Just 6D?

    My current lineup is the 6D, 16-35 4.0 IS, 40mm and 135 2.0. Was going to add an 85 and a 300 4.0 IS. My photography is all of the typical stuff, but I'm also ramping up the "running" events quite a bit. Would you say to just add the 85 and 300 or, instead of that, add an 80D, one of...
  13. Cory

    6D Slightly Struggling with Sports

    Not that it's a deal-breaker, but my first "sports" outing with the 6D was a slight struggle. My 70D was fairly seamless. Going through the pics and there's some really good ones with a photographic quality that's superior to that of my old 70D. Not that I need to achieve "gear"...
  14. Cory

    My New "Running Photography" FB Page

    They say it takes 7 years for a non-running middle-aged person to become a good runner and it's been 8 years and I still suck so here's my new Running Photography Facebook page - I'm working on my 6th marathon so there's hope, but...
  15. Cory

    Canon 50 1.2 vs. 50 1.4?

    Is there much difference in colors, contrast, etc. between the Canon 50 1.2 and the much less expensive 1.4 at, let's say, 2.8 (on full-frame if that matters)? Or even a little difference? Thanks.
  16. Cory

    Thoughts on 24-70 4.0 IS?

    Thanks for any input. I'm considering my main (do-most-everything) kit as a Canon 24-70 4.0 IS and Canon 135 2.0. Much appreciated.
  17. Cory

    The 40mm "Italy" Shots

    Apologies for forgetting to post the result of all the agonizing over what to bring to Italy. It ended up being a 6D/40mm and that's it. It was really hot all the time so being ultra-minimal was KEY. Will go back during the Spring and/or Fall, but would likely also do just the 6D/40mm combo...
  18. Cory

    Is the 70-200 2.8 IS II One of the "Best" 85mm Lenses?

    With sports, stage performances and portraits might one do well by swapping out their 135 2.0 with the big zoom? I wonder if that might be the move with a full kit being a 16-35 4.0 IS, 40mm pancake lens and 70-200 2.8. This may look suspicious, but I'm actually trying to...
  19. Cory

    Is There a Definitive 85 to Get?

    An 85mm lens on my 6D might be what I'll need most of the time for stage performances. My son just made the cut on one of the best high school jazz bands in the country. Yes, his life's over until May, but he's good with it. There is a lot of metal so CA is maybe a top concern. I do shoot in...
  20. Cory

    Italy With the 40mm Lens

    So it finally happened - 3 days in Cinque Terre, 3 in Florence, 1 in Milan and 1 in Lake Como/Como/Bellagio. Agonized for months on what gear to bring slowly going from crop sensor to Canon 6D and then ending up bringing the 40mm lens only. Further agonizing brought me to the Fuji...