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    EOS R: Quirks and Quibbles

    I primarily use my Eos R for Video. When recording in manual, i wish you could press the magnify button to check focus. My previous camera (A7SII) did and it was great.
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    More about the upcoming high-megapixel EOS R system camera [CR2]

    pro body. and i'm sold. 4k60 & 1080 120fps
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    G7X Mark 3 turn on grid and level?

    II worked well. I jumped on twitter, and it seems like a lot of people taking about the autofocus not working well. I definitely need to take it out and take it through the ringer, and see if it is an issue
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    G7X Mark 3 turn on grid and level?

    Just picked mine up. Kinda scared about all this talk about crap auto focus.... Anyways. Menu 4 (the wrench) Goto shooting info display. You can add the Grid
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    Ef Adaptor loose

    I was taking photos last night using my 70-200 on the Eos R . But the Ef adaptor wasn't tight. there was a slight wiggle on the adaptor. Was just curious if anyone else has had this issue
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    Canon EOS R firmware version 1.2.0 announced

    180 120. . . . I KNOW! it won't happen, just let me sit and think that maybe, maybe it will.
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    Switching from EVF from Manual/Auto can't save with Custom Buttons

    I like the EVF, But In video The EVF Auto Mode, it automatically switches back and forth when I have the camera on a gimbal. So I saved it with my video settings to be manually changed, then setup a button to toggle it on/off. So i have no gimbal issues But in picture mode i like having...
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    Canon confirms 8K capable EOS R camera in development

    What if that's the big firmware update..... What.. a guy can dream right?
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    Review: Canon EOS R by Peter McKinnon

    It looks interesting. I really regret picking up the 6d II a earlier this year. I'd rather have this.
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    Should i get the 5D IV or wait for the 6D II ?

    has anyone tried these out... I am real close to picking up the 5D IV, but that Digital image stabilization and swivel screen keep me rethinking...