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    5DS Output Uncompressed Video on HDMI?

    Canon released a firmware update for the 5DM3 that included the ability to output uncompressed video on the HDMI port. Does anyone know if the 5DS outputs uncompressed video? I've wanted an external monitor for occasional use with DSLRs and ran across the Black Magic Design Video Assistant...
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    Studio shots posted on DPReview for 5Ds/r Production bodies

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post but I didn't see it anywhere. Dpreview has put up their studio shot from both production bodies: These show the 5Ds to be only minimally less sharp than the 5Ds r, at least to my eyes, and less Moiré pattern...
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    7D Mark II Manual PDF (English)

    Unless they pull it, the 7D Mark II manual is now available for download from the UK:
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    High Megapixel DLSR a niche market?

    I had an email exchange with someone in Canon USA marketing recently. As a long time user of Canon equipment, I expressed my disappointment with Canon's lack of a high megapixel offering. With the D800/E and now the Sony A7R, Canon is distinctly lacking in that area. The response I got was...
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    Canon 1D X firmware poblem?

    I've run accross a problem with my 1D X when shooting in manual (M) mode. If I have the camera set in Manual, the 2-second Self-timer enabled in Drive mode, and use Live View, the camera freezes up after taking a shot. I've verified that it does this with both the 17mm TSE and 8-15mm fisheye...
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    5DM3 HDR Article

    I ran accross a 5DM3 HDR article on Canon's Learning site. It's about what I expected but it would be better if it could save the resulting file in a 16 bit/color file format. At least the input files taken can be RAW and you have the option of saving them but of course that is the same as a 3...
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    5DM3 Video Odd MB/sec requirements

    From an article on Canon's Learning Center about the 5DM3 and video: "* HD 50 fps or 60 fps recording places the greatest demands on memory card speed, especially during ALL-I recording. Required read/write speed during HD 720p ALL-I recording for CF cards is 30 MB/sec; for SD cards, 14MB/sec."...