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    On ice medal/team celebration lens choice for hockey?

    Hello all, Going to be shooting a medal game for hockey and wondering if I should bring a second lens for right after the game on the ice for the team photo/celebrations/portraits with medals on ect... Gear I have available: 1dx mark ii + 70-200 2.8L iii (main setup ill use for the game)...
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    Guinevere - "Hawaii Love" - Canon 1DX Mark II 120 FPS Miss Hawaii Collegiate

    No luts applied, just minor adjustments in Premiere. Filmed at Hawaii - The big island. Such an amazing place, more content from here soon. Our ronin m took a few too many ocean water hits and the back motor stopped working fully. Got the best shots we could with rebooting it every 15...
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    Havnt shot a portrait with artificial light in a while! 1dxmii 85mm 1.4 IS apature 120d light
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    Jordyn Brandle - "Daydream" - Canon 1DX Mark II 120fps 110$ in Smoke Grenades

    Just cant wait till summer when we can stop shooting in -10 to -44 Celsius. More smoke grenades! Stay warm :D
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    LiveBackwoods - 1dx mark ii 120fps Smoke Grenades

    Second production video with more technical editing. The canon 1dx mii just keeps making things easier and easier, what a beast! Lots of this shot in -44 with the wind chill in alberta cold winter. Can follow our instagram at...
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    Model Shoot - Kristen Busse - 1dx mark ii 120fps

    First serious video made. I never worried about having way to high of shutter speeds for this video. Does the effects of high shutter speeds get hidden with slow mo? Is there examples of spots in the video that were effected by possible high shutter speed? Thanks for watching...