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    Trust me, I'm a scientist (and not an advertising exec or journalist)

    The only surprise to me on the list was the massive trust for teachers. Anyone care to enlighten me on this one? Maybe it’s my anti-authoritarian streak. I suppose it’s because we’re taught to trust the teachers;)
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    Come play with the Canon EOS R RAW files

    I wonder if they’ve found a way to capitalize on the extra dynamic range of the dual pixels that was discussed a while back in regards to the 5D IV
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    How much DR is enough?

    IMO DR would only be objectively enough when I can photograph any scene without adjusting my exposure. Enough to handle white snow in full sun, and the Milky Way in a single shot. So, what? 30-40 stops? This is why I generally disregard DR as a major differentiation between cameras. They’re...
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    What is the actual time between the pre-flash and the exposure flash? This is somewhat interesting in this more complicated scenario the entire sequence took something like 0.034 seconds.
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    Adorama Becomes The Exclusive Affiliate Partner for Canon Rumors

    I wholeheartedly applaud this move. I have hated google ads since their inception. Overt sponsorship feels like a much cleaner way to run a site. And yes, I will move my business to Adorama as token of my support of this site. I will try oh so hard to think to click through this site :)
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    The World's Largest Ultrahigh-Sensitivity CMOS Image Sensor

    This is so going into HarryFilm’s new Medium format rig
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    Sonykon = Sony is the head of Nikon?

    If I’m understanding right, the sensor design is Nikon’s even if it’s made in a Sony foundry. If so, Nikon can just move the production to another manufacturer if Sony doesn’t want to make the chips at any time in the future.
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    Adobe Apologizes for Bugs in Lightroom Classic CC, Releases Update

    With the brand new LR 6 I got exactly that on my old mbp. When LR 6.x was released a week later my gpu was no longer supported. And it was excruciatingly slow.
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    Value of 20-35 lens

    That seems like a very respectable offer to me.
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    Value of 20-35 lens

    Spokane is probably pretty much right. Things tend to sell for a bit less locally than through the internet in my observation. I assume it’s because online platforms have fees attached to selling.
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    DxO Labs in receivership?

    That’s not a terribly winsome approach - I hope you realize why your more cogent less offensive arguments are not generally well received... ::)
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    DxO Labs in receivership?

    Agreed. My dislike for DXO is well enough known, but a company having financial troubles is good for almost no one.
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    Here Are Some Claimed Specifications For One of the Prototype Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras [C

    Re: Here Are Some Claimed Specifications For One of the Prototype Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera It’s like HarryFilm’s writing style on steroids. Welcome to the forum btw, tmc784!
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    Canon shows off the 120MP APS-H sensor shooting video

    120mp at 9.4 FPS- that’s quite a bit of data being moved there.
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    Geeks' Corner

    Thanks for sharing, it was an interesting read. I like your idea and I’m putting a pin in this thread
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    Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS II Confirmed

    I’d like to hear your take on why they bothered with that lens.
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    Apology to all forum members.

    I have some suspicions that would conclure with that...
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    Apology to all forum members.

    I had been starting to wonder if you'd been to the Gothard seminar or something. What you said here is the best of reasons.
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    A Prototype Full Frame Mirrorless From Canon Exists [CR1]

    That's a fairly apt description... ;D It makes me think that at least some of the leaks are done by people that have nothing to do with the actual development but rather manage somehow to be in the right room at the right time to see things they aren't supposed to. Say a janitor, a printer...