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  1. tomscott

    6DMKII mac support

    Hi guys, Just a quick one. Ive been using the 6DMKII since launch and using bridge/lightroom to sort/edit images. I do like to use apple photos to archive my images and view them. Currently there is still no support for the 6DMKII im currently on Sierra on my mac pro because pretty much non...
  2. tomscott

    First 6DMKII photoshoot (WEDDING P3, DEER P6)

    Hi Guys, Thought I would start this topic off as I went out on the 8th of August to shoot the MPT £350m trafford tram development. Apologies at the beginning that the shoot is not overly exciting. I have a wedding on Friday, I will post some updated thoughts afterward. Little bit of...
  3. tomscott

    Travel Tripod help wanted

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with small travel tripods? I took the SLR gorilla pod with me on my last trip and it was great but the balls kept poping out the sockets when tightening down, seems low quality for its cost. It was frustrating to get a good perspective when...
  4. tomscott

    Tour of Britain

    The Aviva Tour of Britain came through Penrith on its way to the finish at Alston. People lined the streets as the Tour of Britain cyclist came through Penrith in flying fashion! Here are a few pictures as they came down King Street. 5DMKIII and 70-200mm F2.8 MKII Tour of Britain 2015 coming...
  5. tomscott

    Tamron 150-600mm Reviewed

    I am heading to Africa in January of 2016 for 2 months and was left short with the 70-300mm L on my trip across South America (including the Amazon) and through North America on my 5DMKIII. So decided to buy something a bit bigger to ensure I don't have the same problem again. I know there are...
  6. tomscott

    Traveling Part II Africa and South East Asia - Tom Scott

    Hey guys, Just thought I would update you on my travel plans for 2016. Continuing from my 2014/2015 trip of a lifetime of Rio to Lima, then 3/4s of the states I'm off again to do another. I took over 25,000 images in the just shy of 6 months I was away and its been quite a task to sort them...
  7. tomscott


    With Bee populations ever declining in the UK, and being such important pollinators. I think really important to do your bit and help them on their way. We found this bee very lethargic, looking sorry for itself. So We put a little honey in a cup and added some water then used a pipette to put a...
  8. tomscott

    Post your Engagement/Pre wedding images

    A thread for any Engagement/Pre wedding images Heres one I shot purely by chance. I met this really nice bloke when I was traveling the US in Las Vegas. We were chatting and he told me he was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him in the Grand Canyon. It happened they were going the same day...
  9. tomscott

    Perseid meteor shower

    On Wednesday night the Perseid meteor shower reached its peak with more than 100 meteors an hour! Did anyone get out to watch it? Was a fantastic thing to watch! I climbed up Hallin Fell in Cumbria to get away from the lights and try to capture it. This was one of my better images. Perseid...
  10. tomscott

    Eurotrip - Porsche Road Trip

    I have moved this front the sports section as Craig was kind enough to set up a new travel thread. :) Recently I went on a two week eurotrip. The following is an editorial piece written by Jack Fordyce that gives a brief description of the trip and the photographs were taken by me. The article...
  11. tomscott

    Travel forum header

    I was just wondering if there is a Travel section? It would be really useful, I'm a travel photographer and a lot of my posts are wasted as they are put under categories that don't fit. Recently had a really good 2 week road trip across 5 countries which will be appearing in a couple of UK...
  12. tomscott

    Eurotrip - Porsche Road Trip

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  13. tomscott

    Red Panda

    Red Panda, Lake District Wildlife Park, Bassenthwaite Lake, Keswick, Cumbria UK 5DMKIII 70-300mm L Red Panda, Lake District Wildlife Park, Bassenthwaite, Keswick by TomScottPhoto, on Flickr Red Panda, Lake District Wildlife Park, Bassenthwaite...
  14. tomscott

    Travel set up

    Hi looking for some travel camera advice! Im about to set off on the 2nd Nov on a 2 month trip of South america, then 3 months in California. Cali isn't really a concern as I am renting an RV to travel with. The itinerary is vast, but it is pretty much all backpacking with hostels busses and...
  15. tomscott

    Farne Islands, Northumberland UK

    Farne Islands Took these on the 28th June but only just got round to editing them! 5DMKIII + 40D + 24-105mm F4 L + 70-200mm F2.8 MKII L + 2x conv What a brilliant place if you haven't been was a great experience. If you want to see the whole album Seahouses...
  16. tomscott

    Moonlit Landscapes

    Show your moonlit landscapes. These were taken during the full moon July 2014. Haweswater Reservoir, Cumbria, UK. 5DMKIII 16-35mm F2.8 Haweswater moonscape, Haweswater Reservoir, Derelict Barn, Corpse Road, Cumbria by TomScottPhoto, on Flickr Moonlit Haweswater Resevoir, Corpse Road, Cumbria...
  17. tomscott

    New 70-200mm MKII DUST!

    Hi guys just wanted to know your opinions. After getting some money together I bought the EF 70-200mm F2.8 IS L MKII. Upon arrival the lens seems great but upon further inspection there is a rather large piece of dust, I say dust it is reflective. It is in the back of the lens looks between...
  18. tomscott

    100D/SL1 Discontinued already??

    Has the 100D/SL1 been discontinued already 11 months after release? At the moment its current status is discontinued on digital rev. Has the 1200D replaced it?
  19. tomscott

    5D MKIII vs 1Ds MKIII

    So I have £3.5k to spend on upgrading to a new body. Choice was originally to go straight for the 5D MKIII because I think it is pretty much the perfect camera they are currently selling for £3000 in the UK body only. Question is a fairly low actuation second hand 1Ds MKIII is around £2500...
  20. tomscott

    Sigma 50-500mm Opinions

    Hi Canon Rumors Im looking for a new tele, Ive used the Canon 100-400mm, probs shot about 2000 photos with one (without owning it, borrowed one from a friend) and i do really like it! But i do prefer the zoom ring rather than a push pull, also i feel like it could do with a little extra length...