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    5Ds/5DsR & Lens resolution - anomaly (Lensrentals ref.)

    I want to bring to light an odd anomaly on some initial resolution tests published by lensrentals. Ref: Specifically the Canon 300 2.8 IS II, and Zeiss 85 1.4 Otus results. Below are the Center sharpness...
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    SLR Evolution - Missing features

    xD series cameras 2015 and they still don't have a ~1MP LCD display overlay in the optical viewfinder. You should be able to review the picture you just took without taking your eye out of the optical viewfinder by now as well as the option to choose between Optical and rendered (live view)...
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    Old EOS body -> IP Camera

    Anyone aware of any conversion kits that allow you to re-purpose an old SLR into an IP camera? e.g. Tether the SLR to a device (Android or iOS device for example) that monitors the live-view for motion and can send motion events via e-mail similar to an IP camera. Alternatively an inexpensive...
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    Rumored 5D MP count

    ■50.6mp full frame CMOS ■53mp total resolution Because that almost makes sense. I wonder if it will require a 128GB CF card that is 140GB. Hope it comes out before the 32nd of the month.
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    MISSING Camera body feature

    So like many, I have de-coupled the half shutter press from AF, and instead use the AF-ON button to Auto Focus. Boom - no more hesitation when the trigger is pulled waiting for the lens to re-focus. What's missing though is a second AF-ON button / Dedicated SERVO mode. How many of you toggle...