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    CP filters: which is considered your favorite brand?

    There are numerous filter manufacturers available such as B&W, Singh-Ray, Marumi, Hoya, Tiffen, etch... I'm looking for your favorite circular polarizer that provides the best color cast protection. Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I couldn't find the correct topic. Thank you in...

    How to remove a scratch from top LCD on 1DX

    I've got a small scratch on the top LCD of my 1DX. I've seen a video of polishing out the face of the watch with Colgate toothpaste to remove all the scratches. Has anyone attempted this on a LCD with toothpaste or another polish? I'm going to sell my 1DX soon and this is the only minute...

    Come on 5DS-R !!!

    I don't know about the rest of you but I'm very excited about what the 5DS-R has to offer. I can't remember being this excited since the 5D3 was released. I ordered the 5DS-R on the first night it was released. (Yeah, GAS!) I've been very pleased with my 5D3 and 1DX but I've also added Sony's...

    CamRanger focus stacking for landscapes

    Could use some help here. I'm back into focus stacking to create a great depth of focus throughout an image. I've done it manually but my CamRanger has a feature that allows you to pre-select several features of the app for this purpose like number of shots, etc. Problem is, the user manual...

    5Ds and 5Ds-R shown to be available for pre-order at Amazon 'Global....

    This can't be correct but Amazon shows a availability of June for both models. I personally would not buy from the seller but you might want to check this out. It's too big of a purchase to take a risk like that IMHO. I"ll wait for Prime to make the offering.

    What is the best gimbal head everyone is using?

    I'm starting another season shooting sports and last year I used a Manfrotto gimbal but it was a bit clunky and not that smooth. Considering what I paid for it, it fit the bill at that time. This year I'd like to find another gimbal head that will hold a 1DX + 400mm f5.6 or 70-200 f2.8L II...

    Gear insurance? I must have gone to the wrong place. Your advice requested

    I've seen several topics here previously about insuring your gear against theft or damage and I'm sorry I can't find that thread for reference. I went to a State Farm agent and requested a quote to cover my inventory that totals about $45K. They sent a proposal for $850/annually which is much...

    New Canon 16-35 f4 IS not listed in CPS directory

    Hi Guys, I'm loving the new 16-35 F4.0L IS and went to register it in my CPS inventory but don't find the lens listed there yet? Assume others are finding the same thing? Gee, how long does it take Canon to catch up? Thanks,

    Cam Ranger and focus peaking

    Hi Guys, I thought I'd share this information with all the MF lens shooters out there; the CamRanger accessory provides focus peaking which I find to be a great asset for manual focusing. Especially nice when you're focus stacking. The focus peaking highlights are in red and not white like...

    Focus Peaking for Canon 5D3

    Hi Guys, Sorry if this has been discussed before but after using a focus peaking feature on my Fuji camera's I really would enjoy this feature with my 5D3 and Zeiss lenses. It really makes manuallly focusing so much easier IMO. I would imagine that Magic Lantern has offered this but...

    Portability: laptops vs desktops

    Need some advice on editing images on the fly. My current workflow includes downloading images to my Dell desktop and edit those with PS CS6 among other programs. I either print at home on my Epson 3800 or send out for larger prints, canvas prints, etc or quicko-cheapo small prints from...

    Anyone using a Capture Camera Clip?

    Hello Troops, Wondered who might be using a Capture Camera Clip which is similar to Spyder Pro and some others of similar design. Kickstarter has a new version of the Capture V2 in funding right now. Your thoughts and experience with this type of attachment would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark

    Wireless remote operation for 5D3 + Ipad 4

    Does anyone have experience with CamRanger + 5D3 that allows you to shoot wirelessly through an Ipad? Having Live View on the Ipad and being able to adjust the exposure, etc, remotely is my goal. The only vendor I've found is CamRanger which is approximately $300. Any alternatives to this...

    Customer looking for videographer in SF Bay Area

    I have a dear friend who has asked me to shoot video for a professional marketing gig however as a stills photographer, this is something I'm not comfortable with and I've told them. :-\ I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and this project will most likely be somewhere near the East Bay Area or...

    Is anyone using Nikon 14-24 on 5D3? Set up?

    Wondered if any Canon shooters are using Nikon's 14-24 wide angle lens and their thoughts on this lens?

    1D4 error message 30 - Yikes

    I picked up a used 1D4 last week that have 100K miles on it. Seemed to work well, ran it through a couple of tests from what I can see on the fly and it worked and functioned as designed. Paid $2,600 for it. Shot two soccer matches this weekend and on the second day it pretty much crapped out...

    Trading 7D for 1D4 with high shutter count

    Hey Canonistas, I very much value your opinions and make most of my decisions through the experiences of others. I'll keep it short. I shoot typically architectural and landscapes with the 5D3 but have been shooting soccer on the weekends with my 7D mainly for the extra reach and speed. I...

    Is there a way to confirm focus in Live View

    First, let me say thanks for all the great knowledge and information I've learned through this forum. I'd say I'm a bit addicted as it keeps me from my work. ::) My question: Is there a way to get focus confirmation in LIVE VIEW x 10 like we see when using the view finder with our MF...

    Filters for lenses that are not designed to accept filters

    Saw this at the The Digital Picture this morning and found this interesting. Not being able to filter a 17TSE drove me to the 24TSE-ii which is the sharpest lens in my bag given the focal length. Here is the article link: I...

    5D3 Viewfinder vs LiveView

    I've posted test samples of images previously on this subject where my manually focused Zeiss lenses and/or Canon lenses with 5D3 are focused accurately through the VF and get the AF confirmation. They print out and display super sharp on my screens. Problem I'm having is when I focus in Live...