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    What am I doing wrong? Is the lens back/front focusing?

    Canon 7DII with Canon 100-400mm II Tripod, ISO 640, 400mm, f5.6, 1/2000 Bird 1 pic shows the focus point Bird 2 pic shows an out of focus bird based on the focus point in bird 1 What am I doing wrong? Thanks
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    Request: 7DII BIF video tips

    Is there any special settings, besides still settings, I should evaluate when videoing BIFs using a 7DII? Will be using external mic. Thanks
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    Canon 7DII performing weirdly after resetting

    Canon 7DII with Canon 100-400mm II Canon batteries with at least 50 percent capacity On tripd SanDisk SD cards I had been shooting wildlife all morning at a local-ish NWR and went over to the closed visitor's center to photograph song birds. Throughout the morning I was having no problems...
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    Recommendation request: mic for 7DII to record birds

    Earlier today was the first time I tried filming 10 billion geese lifting off. Besides wanting to improve my newbie video technique, I want to get an external mic to place on the hot shoe. What mics are you using with your DSLR? Looking at this Rode with a dead cat...
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    Is there a Canon mount portrait lens that you can use very wide open without CA

    Is there a Canon mount (Canon or other brand) portrait lens that you can use very wide open without CA? Just saw an image from a Canon 85mm 1.8 at 1.8 and there was CA all over the place
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    Canon 50mm 1.8 - what are your micro adjustment settings?

    I didn’t know about the AF issues of the 1.8 50mm lens, so I get to play with micro-adjustment Should I be able to see the out of focus challenge on the back screen, or, will o have to load into LR to see? What are your microadjustment settings? Will be pairing with 6D/7DII Thanks
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    Your in field use of Canon PowerShot SX620 HS>

    What has been your experience using the Canon PowerShot SX620 HS? Could you post some images, especially at the long end? Thx
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    High glossy inkjet paper - what do you use?

    Started printing some images. Have a set of Antelope Canyon images I want to print on high glossy, but haven't used that paper for a long time, would appreciate any feedback from anyone printing glossy. I like, sometimes, Peter Lik images, but don't want to print acrylic.
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    Portable speedlight modifier suggestions

    The Neewer 9x12 reviews on Amazon report that how it attaches to the speedlight is poor, to ok, at best. I will be using a single speedlight off camera to take portraits. Don't have room to set-up umbrellas etc Gary Fong-style cap, or get a Neewer and use gaffer tape?
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    If you were going to buy a Powershot with at least 20x optical zoom today...

    If you were going to buy a Powershot with at least a 20x optical zoom today, what would you do? My goal is to bring a bridge camera when I'm out and about and don't want to lug my DSLR and lenses. Stills for Birding, wildlife, landscapes, touristy. Used SX 50 Used SX 40 New SX530 New SX720...
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    What has been your experience - Prints on aluminum?

    What has been your experience - Prints on aluminum? Where are you getting them printed? I've read some comments over on DPreview that even with adjusted monitors, it takes time to figure out the right amount of contrast etc to get good images on aluminum.
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    Your On-Camera mic for 7DII experience

    Planning to do my first video using the 7DII. I will be recording bull riders as they sit for portraits at a county fair. I will use my 6D for the portraits Any thoughts on this: vs vs something else?
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    Umbrella adapter with clamp

    It looks like I will be photographing portraits for a personal project when the sun is the worse - amateur cowboys in an amateur rodeo over the 4th. I'm looking for an umbrella with a clamp, like this, but different...
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    Orangutan at Sacramento Zoo

    Canon 6D EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM 1/350 sec; f/5.6; ISO 100
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    flexible Independent cold shoe adapter

    Looking for a cold shoe adapter to use with a shoot through umbrella that allows me to point the flash separately from the umbrella I think it would stack like this: cold shoe adapter flexible adjustment cold shoe adapter
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    Looking for Monopod recommendations that fold down to 14 inches or less

    Looking for Monopod recommendations that fold down to 14 inches or less Mostly using with a Ricoh GR. 14 inches or it fits into my bag. Thx
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    Lensbaby Velvet 56

    Taken at UC Davis Arboretum Sunday morning. 6D I'm still getting used to the lens
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    PS cc 14.2.1 to 2015.5 - will I need to reinstall all 3rd party plug-ins?

    I have PS cc 14.2.1 with a bunch of plug-ins, if I upgrade to 2015.5, will I need to re-install all the plug-ins from scratch?
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    Photographing bears in Alaska - Brooks Falls

    Brooks Falls is on my bucket list. If anyone has been, which floatplane/excursion outfitter did you use and would you use them again? Thx
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    7D II - what are your recipes for birds?

    7D II - what are your recipes for birds? Thx