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    EOS R software, raw converters, the usual new camera issues.

    With the official release of the EOS R and raw images out there to see come the usual new camera issues of what to use as a raw converter. There does not appear to be any software posted yet under the R support pages. One link from the R pages teased a mobile workflow with a “DPP express”...
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    Profile for sigma 14mm f1.8 DG art for Lightroom bridge

    Does anyone know if a lens profile exists for this lens on adobe? Or elsewhere? My reason for asking is that I was hoping to do some panos and wanted to apply distortion correction before attempting to merge photos. If there is an adobe profile some help where to find it and how to install it...
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    To service or not to service..

    Ok so I have an extender 1.4x iii that stopped working six months ago. It had a lot of wear and I thought that the metal connector to camera needed replaced. So off to service it went, with descriptions of the issue which was poor connection to lenses and dropping connections. Canon reported...
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    Rumors site status down Sunday?

    Earlier today while trying to access the site on an iPad, desktop site, I kept getting a non-dismissible pop up that blocked further site access. In addition attempts to log in got me a red warning in the address bar of”insecure site” or something similar, that I’ve never seen before. Was...
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    Shaking the tree and a 7Diii is falling out

    Or at least according to thenewcamera interesting to see how fast that rumour will fly. No release date.
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    Anything shot with a 5D4

    Someone had to start it, so come on all you lucky ones spread it around.
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    Reikan focal update now supports 1dx mii and 80d automatically

    Reikan focal update now supports 1dx mii and 80d automatically. The title says it but more from their site: "FoCal 2.2 Key Features Full Canon EOS 80D and EOS-1D X Mark II support added – calibrate these cameras automatically from FoCal. Directly compare “Peak” quality values in Fully Auto...
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    Accessing raw files from 5diii and 1dx mii on mac snow leopard software choices

    As the title says trying to get to see and hopefully manipulate raw files on a white MacBook that is some leopard limited. I'm on a trip and my main travel computer has failed so I'm trying to get some software that will allow me access to recent raw files. It will not load recent CR...
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    Air show evening show gear and technique tips.

    Going to the Portland Hillsborough airshow Friday night. I am wondering what equipment I should bring from wide angle to telephoto lenses. I'm thinking one of each for weight concerns. The gates open at 6:00Pm and the show closes with fireworks at 10:00, so there may not be a lot of bright...
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    Help with broken 7d, loyalty program, and more

    With all the talk about the 7dii, I grabbed my previously trusty 7d only to find it won't boot. Tried multiple otherwise good batteries (tested in 5diii also) and replaced the clock battery, so it is not the battery. Also tried to reboot by holding down the shutter button while empty of...
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    Shot with an EOS-M

    Got a chance to sit sideline at an NBA game. The camera rules indicated on the ticket were that no detachable lens camera/ lens combinations were allowed, and there were plenty of security types prowling the court when play was not in progress. So I thought that the EOS-M and a 24-70 lens...
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    Beaver Shots

    I rarely see Beaver despite there being signs of them all around. Both of these were taken with the 70-200is usm ii with a 1.4xiii extender. This guy was sitting about 20 feet from a bridge in Fanno creek park in Portland, a biker told me to look when he saw my camera, I was expecting a...
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    7d noise question is it normal?

    Here are some examples: I've been shooting a variety of photos with 7d 5dii and iii and the 7d while a good tracking and focusing camera, has not lived up to my expectations of improving reach because the files don't stand up to any cropping because of high noise and what I think is just poor...