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  1. drmikeinpdx

    Why I've been absent

    I used to be a regular participant in the Canon Rumors forums. I really enjoyed adding to my lens collection and anticipating the improvements coming in the next Canon camera. I admit I suffered from Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I quit buying over a year ago. I'm currently using a 5D4 for my...
  2. drmikeinpdx

    Loupedeck Needs the Lightroom Queen

    I haven't used Loupedeck before. The original version was said to be cheaply made, although there were some enthusiastic reviews claiming huge acceleration of Lightroom workflow. I spend a large amount of time with Lightroom and could really use something to help speed...
  3. drmikeinpdx

    Does Picture Style affect how image looks on the rear screen?

    I'm currently using a 5D4. My images often look great on the rear LCD, but not so good when I get them into Lightroom. Sometimes, even with all my Lightroom skills, I can't duplicate the look I recall seeing on the LCD screen. I'm sure you've heard this before! If i understand correctly, the...
  4. drmikeinpdx

    Tori and thoughts on resolution

    I've been shooting a lot lately with a 5D4 and the EF 24-70 F/2.8 Mark II. My work doesn't require pixel-peeping, but I'm one of those photo geeks who can't resist. I'm always in awe of the resolution I get with this camera/lens combination. Of course I have to use my studio strobes to get...
  5. drmikeinpdx

    What's needed for fastest Lightroom exports?

    I use Lightroom Classic CC and often ask it to export hundreds of JPGs with my watermark and many processing steps that were accomplished in the develop module. About six years ago, when I started using Lightroom, I built a fast PC based on an Intel I7-2600 (4 core) CPU, 16 G RAM and using an...
  6. drmikeinpdx

    What to shoot at Disneyland that isn't a cliche'?

    The wifey and I are going to spend a day or two at Disneyland later this month. I'm bringing my 77D with the 17-85 IS and the 24mm pancake with maple syrup. What can I possibly shoot at Disneyland that isn't the ultimate photographic cliche'?
  7. drmikeinpdx

    EF-S 15-85 vs. 18-55 kit lens. A quick and dirty test.

    I've been trying to figure out an alternative to the traditional 18-55 kit lens as a walking around lens for my 77D. I feel that the high resolution sensor is terribly limited by the low resolution of the old kit lens. I tried a recently manufactured kit lens to see if perhaps my 10 year old...
  8. drmikeinpdx

    My favorite method of focus calibration. Cheap, fast, accurate and foolproof.

    I received a 5D4 yesterday and as always, my first task was to calibrate it with all of the lenses I might use with it. Since my collection is pretty large, one might assume that this would be a daunting task. However, I just happen to know the most amazing method of lens calibration using...
  9. drmikeinpdx

    A little discouraging for Canon fans

    DP Review has listed their Top 10 most popular sample galleries of 2017. I think it's a little discouraging for us Canon fans. #10: Sigma 14mm F1.8 Art #9: Fujifilm GFX 50S #8: Nikon D7500 #7: Olympus Tough TG-5 #6: Sigma 85mm F1.4 #5: Fujifilm X-T20 #4: Leica M10 #3: Fujifilm X100F #2: Sony...
  10. drmikeinpdx

    77D won't fire external flash in live view

    Hey Friends, who can help me fix this problem? I'm doing some macro photography with my 77D and my studio strobes. I have a flash trigger mounted in the hot shoe. It works fine in normal viewfinder mode, but when I use live view, the trigger isn't triggered. My 5D3 doesn't have this problem...
  11. drmikeinpdx

    Recommend an upgrade from EF-S kit lens for 77D

    I like to use Rebel-class bodies as travel cameras. When I upgraded to the 77D I thought the extra resolution warranted some testing to determine the best lens to keep on the 77D most of the time. I like the term "walk around lens." First I got out my ancient 18-55 kit lens and took some test...
  12. drmikeinpdx

    Recommend a book on Canon DSLR video?

    I would like to upgrade my rudimentary video skills. The manual that came with my 77D covers only the very basic steps and doesn't even mention some of the video features. Is there a fairly recent book available on the use of current Canon DSLRs for video? If not, is there online material...
  13. drmikeinpdx

    Canon EF 24mm F/2.8 Pancake

    I went for a modest hike today and took along my new 77D with the 24mm pancake lens. I wanted to see if this made a good lightweight hiking combo. It was a cool, overcast day at Beacon Rock State Park. There were some nice wildflowers and the light was ideal for macro work. I was wishing I...
  14. drmikeinpdx

    Focus testing with 77D

    As I always do when I get a new body or lens, I do some autofocus testing. I picked 8 lenses from my collection that I might want to use on my new 77D and ran them through my very fast autofocus test. Here are the results: 85 F/1.8 - spot on 35 F/2 IS - slight front focus, but usable. 50...
  15. drmikeinpdx

    Anything shot with a 77D

    I bought the 77D to use a backup for my 5D3 and as a travel camera. Here is an image from my first photoshoot with the 77D. This was done in my studio with natural daylight, so the lighting does make for a soft look. The first copy is full frame, ISO 400 with the 24mm pancake lens at F/2.8...
  16. drmikeinpdx

    Is the 77D sensor the same as the 80D sensor or not?

    Here's a challenge for the Canon Rumors intelligence apparatus: Some articles say that the 77D and the 80D use exactly the same sensor. Other articles say the 77D has an "updated" or "brand new" sensor that happens to have the same number of MP as the 80D. I also read one article which...
  17. drmikeinpdx

    77D body $749 through Amazon EDIT: Sorry, looks like this is an error. Amazon listed a T7i on a page of 77D offers.
  18. drmikeinpdx

    What's a good upgrade from my S100?

    I enjoyed my S90 and picked up an S100 a few years later when they were cheap. I love the tiny form factor and the ability to shoot RAW. I keep one in my car and one goes with me on hiking, bicycling or motorcycle trips when I don't have space for a Rebel. I don't abuse them and they are both...
  19. drmikeinpdx

    A photojournalist who uses Canon comments on the EU and video limits. I've followed Michael Yon's writing for a long time and thought some of my CR friends might appreciate his insight.
  20. drmikeinpdx

    Best way to shoot tethered in 2016?

    Time to tap into the tech knowledge of this great forum! Here's my situation: I have a 5D3 and I use Lightroom CC. I'd like to try tethered shooting and I'm starting from scratch, with no previous tethering experience. I would like to connect to a laptop running Windows X. I can do wired or...