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  1. drmikeinpdx

    Why I've been absent

    I used to be a regular participant in the Canon Rumors forums. I really enjoyed adding to my lens collection and anticipating the improvements coming in the next Canon camera. I admit I suffered from Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I quit buying over a year ago. I'm currently using a 5D4 for my...
  2. drmikeinpdx

    Monica Mark III

    Very nice work!
  3. drmikeinpdx

    Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 IS USM coming in 2019? [CR1]

    I'm loving the Tamron stabilized 45mm f/1.8. Got tired of waiting for Canon to offer something in that category. My only complaint about the Tamron is that it's too damn sharp. I can only use it with models who have a perfect complexion or I have to spend hours retouching. Using it wide...
  4. drmikeinpdx

    Opinion: Canon is causing its own problems with the RF mount

    This is all very confusing to someone like me who was quite happy with my 5D series bodies and EF lenses for pro use, augmented by small EF-S bodies as travel and walking around cameras. I see very few practical advantages in the mirrorless systems, beyond the new & cool factor, so I won't be...
  5. drmikeinpdx

    Loupedeck Needs the Lightroom Queen

    Update - OK, I got my replacement Loupedeck+ today and it actually works! I've used it for a couple of hours along with my usual keyboard and trackball/mousie thing. I can see where the Loupedeck might be rather handy, but it doesn't replace the keyboard and mouse. I will update again when I...
  6. drmikeinpdx

    Canon 50 1.2 Full Review

    I love mine too, although when I bought it used I had to pay Canon to fix a decentered element. After that it's been great. I normally use it as a bokeh monster with natural light.
  7. drmikeinpdx

    Loupedeck Needs the Lightroom Queen

    UPDATE I'm still not up and running with my Loupedeck+. After my last post, I realized that many of the controls on the deck no longer did anything. I thought this was probably due to some error of mine and put it aside to await the publication of better online tutorials. A few weeks...
  8. drmikeinpdx

    Is it a safe place to check camera shutter count? didn't work with a file from my 5D4. Their Canon coverage is pretty limited.
  9. drmikeinpdx

    Loupedeck Needs the Lightroom Queen

    One thing I don't like about the little color wheels is that you have to spin them a lot to get a noticeable change. I'm hoping the rate of change per rotation is customizable, but I haven't run across that yet. So far it looks like the Loupedeck doesn't really replace any other hardware. You...
  10. drmikeinpdx

    Loupedeck Needs the Lightroom Queen

    Thanks for the input, Mt. Spokane! I wonder if the lack of independent Loupedeck tutorials is because the professional tutorialists have looked at the device and decided it isn't worth the trouble? :( I may wait for your review before I invest more time in learning to use the Loupedeck+
  11. drmikeinpdx

    Loupedeck Needs the Lightroom Queen Apparently Ms. Kost is called the Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist. :)
  12. drmikeinpdx

    Loupedeck Needs the Lightroom Queen

    I haven't used Loupedeck before. The original version was said to be cheaply made, although there were some enthusiastic reviews claiming huge acceleration of Lightroom workflow. I spend a large amount of time with Lightroom and could really use something to help speed...
  13. drmikeinpdx

    Canon 77D is not selling well?

    That is a good price. I'm glad I bought mine about a year ago. The top LCD panel is much appreciated, since I am used to 5D series cameras. The 24 MP sensor is a big step up from the old 18 MP APS-C sensors. I use the 77D as my travel camera and as emergency backup for the full frame bodies...
  14. drmikeinpdx

    Introducing Loupedeck+, the Next Evolution of Custom Photo Editing Console, Loupedeck

    I see that Amazon does not yet list the new "+" version. The older version is offered at $179, however there were many complaints about the physical quality of the product in the reviews. I've been waiting for some quality improvements before I try Loupedeck, so I think I will give this new...
  15. drmikeinpdx

    Two Canon Lenses to Be Announced on June 7, 2018

    My Prediction I predict no performance improvements, just some kind of wireless connectivity gimmick for the hipster photographers of tomorrow. Maybe you will be able to control the zoom with your phone or over the internet. Maybe you will be able to post your lens data directly to Instagram...
  16. drmikeinpdx

    Sigma Announces Pricing and Availability for Its 105mm F1.4 DG HSM Art Lens

    It had better focus really, really accurately and consistently. That's all I have to say. :)
  17. drmikeinpdx

    New Canon 70-200mm Lenses Coming in Early June [CR3]

    A couple of days ago I made what I think of as a "house call" in which I did a boudoir shoot for a woman at her own home. I was surprised to learn that she is a wedding/portrait photographer who also shoots Canon. After completing the indoor shoot and having a great conversation about our...
  18. drmikeinpdx

    China Town, Victoria, British Columbia

    Nice work, very artistic!
  19. drmikeinpdx

    Does Picture Style affect how image looks on the rear screen?

    I'm going to try the neutral setting as recommend by Brian Carnahan. The 'Canon UniWB' is interesting, but would interfere with my work flow. I like to show the LCD screen images to models I'm working with to boost their confidence and apparently the UniWB method makes the image look pretty...
  20. drmikeinpdx

    Does Picture Style affect how image looks on the rear screen?

    I'm currently using a 5D4. My images often look great on the rear LCD, but not so good when I get them into Lightroom. Sometimes, even with all my Lightroom skills, I can't duplicate the look I recall seeing on the LCD screen. I'm sure you've heard this before! If i understand correctly, the...