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    18-135 STM vs USM

    My wife uses my old 30D and an 18-55. Recently the lens has stopped working it's aperture so if it tries to shoot anything other than wide open the camera throws an error 99. I could pull the lens apart and try and fix it.. but it's old, and there's no IS. So we're thinking a new lens is in...
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    AFMA - shift over time?

    I dot-tuned all my lenses when I first got my 6D about 18 months ago. Recently I've been getting a bit dispointed with shots feeling many were just a bit soft. Today some deer appeared on the green opposite our house, I grabbed the camera and missed focus on almost every shot. So later I...
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    6D owners, are you upgrading?

    I'm staying put.. for now, but I don't see the MKII as my future, which is a suprise to me.
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    Should Canon continue the original 6D

    Just a hypothetical thought. Let's assume canon could easily continue production of the 6D mk1 for a few more years, and that they can do this for around a 30% discount to the mkII going forward. should they maintain the original?
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    Archiving (not backup)

    Hi So I have too much data, and I've just started playing with video.. so I need to archive the old stuff to release space. I could work out what I need to do from scratch.. but I thought I'd ask what others do? I've already cleaned out my "lesser" stuff and I've googled archiving.. and it's...
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    Anyone testing lens contrast?

    I'm shooting with mid range lenses and generally pretty happy with the results, I'm also caring less and less about resolution as a differentiator between images.. light, composition, subject all trump the technical side, so I've become more concerned about effects you can see in small prints...
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    Site Security

    Hi. Firefox has recently updated to yet another new version. Crucially this has a new catch for sites that ask for passwords, in that it warns you if it isn't using an https connection but http instead, which apparently allows "bad people" to see your password. I first found this out trying...
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    6D & sport

    Hi question for 6D owners.. I do Parkrun on a regular basis, to keep going they are always in need of volunteers, I do a fair bit of pacing but thought I might have a crack as the photographer. Unpaid and low demand, but a very small step up from pure hobby so would be a good experience...
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    AF-Assist beam from Flashgun not working in Manual mode.

    Hi So getting ready for Chrsitmas day, I want the camera in a "grab it and go" condition for variable lighting conditions, so I want flash and AF-assist from the flashgun but this is driving me nuts. here's what happening 1. Put my 6D into "green box" mode, YN600EX-RT attached, half press...
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    Dropbox is dead, what next

    So for those of us who use Dropbox you will probably have had an email syaing they are going to make the "public" folder "private". What this means is all our links on forums or in blogs or whatever will suddenly die. So.. I can moan and complain about Dropbox, but that doesn't fix anything...
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    Playing with flash and fairy lights

    I really need some propper gels to balance the light colour. Then we can work on the rest of the image (clothes, pose etc)
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    Vignetting can vary with focus

    Hi Thought I'd post this after a conversation with TDP. I noticed they had the 50STM down as having vignetting at 1.25EV, whilst DxO had measured 2.5~3EV, and I had measured mine as being 2.0EV. We exchanged files and agreed TDPs measurement was indeed 1.25EV, whilst mine measurement yielded...
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    Samyang 14mm f2.4 Premium review

    looks like someone's got a new toy "The Samyang 14mm f/2.4 lens proves itself to be a high class performer and also a very exciting lens to use. Manual focusing lends itself to use on a tripod with critical...
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    Selecting a print base/paper

    So I've recently got my first 18x12 prints back and I'm looking at them and thinking, "very nice but not as sharp as they were on the screen" (can't complain they only cost me £1.25 a pop, DSCL labs here in the UK, they do more advanced stuff too) I did apply 100% sharpening with a radius of 1...
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    A3 Photo Albums

    Ok, so I know this isn't really post processing (mods please move to a better place if you feel there is one), but it's the next logical step and I couldn't see a section for this. So.. I want an A3 album into which I can put my A3 prints as and when they're not on the wall (these are family...
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    Which Canon lens is most in need of updating.

    Title says it all.. I know what I want, I've stated it often enough.. but what would others want without biasing the thread. Let's list your top 3 in order.
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    C1/2/3 slots

    I was having fun playing flash games last night, and I started to want more user defined configuration slots. I have the 2 C1/2 slots which I use for "landscape" and "kid chasing" plus I tend to use the M mode for flash use, but I find I have to be quite careful as I can end up inheriting...
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    5DIV for £2,975.00 @HDEW

    Finally the popular HDEW gets the 5DIV in. No connection, just a satified customer
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    18-55mm II repair

    Hi. When I upgraded to my 6D and mid primes my wife inherited my old 30D and 18-55 kit lens. The other day it started throwing error 99. I problem solved it back to the aperture motion of the lens. it feels like a loose cable as the problem is intermittent (80% failure 20% ok). I've cleaned...
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    Suggestions for a printer I won't want to take a sledgehammer to

    I'm just wondering about the Canon printers.. will the ink/dye last, say, 3 months without use? or will it all clog up?. I'm likely to do batchest every so often.. something inkjets really don't like.