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  1. westr70

    Extender EF 2X III Help

    I bought 2 X Mark III extender on ebay to use with a 300mm f2.8 II (which I haven't bought yet) and tried it out on my 5dMarkIII and 7dMarkII with my 70-200mm f2.8 lens. No autofocus at any aperture. I checked the autofocus on the lens and it was on. Did I make a mistake in my assumptions...
  2. westr70

    Funny things I read on ebay about lens

    1. Trust me. 2. I am selling my 5,000 lens I bought several years ago and only used it once. 3. I only used the lens for my kid's little league games. It only looks like it has been run over. Anyone else read anything interesting?
  3. westr70

    7DMk II or the 1DMk IV

    I have the 5dMkIII with TC 1.4Mk III and 100-400mm, 4.5-5.6L Thinking of getting the 7DMk II or the IDMkIV with 2x TCIII with 400 f5.6/USM Objective: Best IQ at distance handheld for BIF. Saw the discussion on the 300mm with TCs and was quite impressed with that combination. Any comments...
  4. westr70

    Bird in flight with 5dMarkIII vs. 7D

    Question for all you BIF fans. When I was using my 7D with the 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM, I was taking relatively great shots of the hawks that hang around in the canyon behind my house. I sold that and got the 5dMk III and I have never been able, even with cropping, to get the same quality...
  5. westr70

    My first portrait session and what I learned

    One of my friends asked me to take her portrait for her new website (family counseling). She prefaced her email request with saying that “you take such wonderful dog pictures you think you could take one of me?” I didn’t say a thing, just wrote to her and said I would give it a try but warned...
  6. westr70

    Lens cleaning

    I pulled my 100 mm f2.8 out and was trying some new ideas about work related macros and found little dots on the front lens. I used "breath" and a micro fiber but couldn't get them off. Must be more than 40 I can see and sprinkled liberally around my lens. The shot shows some of them in the...
  7. westr70

    Anyone with hands-on experience with the PIXMA PRO-100

    I'm interested in getting a printer for my photographs. I had narrowed it down to the Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II but found that it was discontinued. There are hundreds for sale but I'm not interested in buying something that they may stop selling ink for. The pixma pro-100 was listed as the...
  8. westr70

    Lens coat, any good?

    I'd like to cover my Canon 100-400IS f4.5/5.6 with camo cover for both nature and urban usage. The reviews I've seen (Amazon) aren't particularly good. I'd like some reviews from first hand experience. Any input is appreciated.
  9. westr70

    Soviet lens for video

    I recently purchased these lens for video work but will also certainly try them for stills as well. Does anyone have any experience with them in either capacity? The adapters (two sets) are in the mail and I haven't been able to try them yet. MC Helios 44m-5 2/58mm f2/58 *IN U.S.* m42 screw...
  10. westr70

    Rokinon 35mm T 1.5 CINE LENS FOR CANON VDSLR

    Anyone have any experience with their lens for video? I'm interested particularly because of the price point.
  11. westr70

    Konova mortarized unit

    I currently have the Konova slider and was considering getting the motorized set up which would also include the hand crank. Anyone have experience with this brands motor setup that can provide advice? Thanks.
  12. westr70

    Video processing software for the 5d3

    I recently saw a review by Philip Bloom on the 5d3 video capabilities (Vimeo) and he indicated that he had obtained excellent results by post processing the footage through Adobe Premiere Pro (sharpening). I am interested in purchasing the 5d3 primarily for the stills but would also enjoy doing...
  13. westr70

    7D to upgrade, wait, or service. That is the question.

    I am currently using a 7d for bird in flight photography. I get unacceptable levels of noise when I crop the photograph when the ISO is 400 and above (even at 200 it isn’t great). I’m using a 100-400mm lens. Should I send in the camera for service? Should I upgrade to a used 1d mark IV? Or...